• A Busy Girl’s Guide To Quilting In The Midst Of An Already Full Life

    Think you're just TOO BUSY to quilt? Think there isn't any possible way you could have 10 minutes to yourself? -- Guess again. I'm sharing my tips and tricks and I am here to offer a helping hand because it is totally possible! Download a free ebook where I share my secrets.

    Things have just been really…really… busy lately. Like, crazy busy. I feel like my head barely hits the pillow before the alarm goes off again and I have to get up, put on some concealer, and start the day. There are work duties and mom duties and “oh &$*@ I forgot to do_____!” duties. Does this sound like […]

  • Fave Fabric Friday – Pat Bravo

    Pat Bravo - Learn more about the amazing fabric designer Pat Bravo and all that she has to offer in the world of modern quilting

    This post contains affiliate links. I would never suggest something to you that I didn’t already use or own myself and absolutely love! It’s that time again! It’s Fave Fabric Friday! – Time to take a bit of a break from the everyday quilt tutorials and sewing tips… I love to give credit where its […]

  • Sewing Room Challenge!

    Drowning in unfinished quilts? Get ready! It's a challenge to finish your top current projects without taking on anything new. Think you're up for the challenge? join me!

    Ok, So I’m going to put this out there. I’m absolutely drowning in unfinished quilts. You obviously don’t HAVE to join me… but this is where I am right now and I NEED a sewing room challenge! Do you want details? Keep reading, I would love to have someone else join me on this! I’m […]

  • Quilt Shopping List

    What Do you need when shopping for a quilt? Check this out for the ultimate shopping list so you don't forget anything and you have all your tools when you need them!

    This post contains affiliate links. I would never suggest a product that I didn’t completely love! What do you need for shopping when you’re making a quilt? Some of us can’t just pop over to the quilt shop every single day ( I would be absolutely broke) or if you’re shopping online, you don’t want […]

  • Quilting Cheat Sheets That Will Save You HOURS!

    These helpful Cheat Sheet Charts will be your secret weapon in the sewing room! - And they're so cute too!

    It is no secret that sewing language and jargon can be extremely confusing when you first start sewing. Hold onto your hats, girls because I’m about to lay down some super helpful cheat sheets for quilting that is going to de-mystify some of the confusing terms for beginners. It is so hard to keep it all […]

  • Riley Blake Challenge Quilt

    Diamonds are a Girl's best friend - Riley Blake Challenge 2018 | The process

    Riley Blake Challenge share time! Hey there! Bonus post for the week! I wanted to share some quick pictures of a project that I’ve had to keep secret for a little while… unless you follow me on Instagram, because I couldn’t help myself and I did share a few sneak peeks of the the quilt […]