• Fave Fabric Friday – Cotton + Steel

    Fave Fabric Friday - Cotton + Steel | Explore the workings of this massive modern fabric giant and links to free quilting patterns!

    Of all the significant Modern fabric collections on the market, Cotton + Steel was my first love. Imagine back to when you were a kid, and your family went on their first vacation out of state, maybe even an airplane ride… Your mind is just completely blown with the new knowledge that there is so […]

  • Gadget Girls To The Rescue

    Every Quilter needs their armory of special tools and gadgets to make the magic happen behind the scenes.... Gadget girls are your secret weapons!

    The Gadget Girl’s tools have been my absolute saving grace in learning to be a precise quilter! You may or may not know that I lean way more towards what I like to call a “free spirit” quilter – where rules do not apply and everything will work out in the end… sometimes (ok usually […]

  • 5 Ideas for Mug Rug + FREE Patterns

    What is small quick and tons of sewing fun? A Mug Rug! Find easy patterns and a full description of 5 ways to use a mug rug

    First things first. ‘What is a mug rug’? It is a small quilt essentially. An English person might call it a coaster. A typical American sized coaster is just enough room to hold your cup and nothing more. A mug rug is just a little more substantial with enough to keep a drink and a cake or cookies. […]

  • THE answer to every one of your ‘how?’s – A Craftsy Review

    Craftsy is the best friend you've been looking for! It features tutorials and high quality videos of all kinds of diy projects! There are so many videos on quilting!

    Hello, my sewing people! We’re going to get to some really great discussion on one of my favorite secrets today! Craftsy… have you heard of it? I have some really great deals to offer you today too! (yay deals!) This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind around here! We had a garage sale because in […]

  • Fave Fabric Friday – Alison Glass

    Beautiful modern Fabric prints that are pleasing to the eye and the soul! Click for more tips on modern quilting!

    Every other Friday, I like to get off my normal love of quilting and technique writings and go a little deeper into spotlighting some of the fabric artists behind the scenes. These are the people who make our modern quilts possible. When I ran across this particular fabric in my local quilt shop I kid you not, […]

  • 6 KEY Tips For “Stitch In The Ditch”

    6 key tips to stitching in the ditch - a way you can make your stitching and quilting flawless

    To “stitch in the ditch”, or not to “stitch in the ditch”?? Let me back up for just a minute… “Stitch in the ditch” (also referred to as Ditch Stitching) is a catchy name for a simple quilting technique. It is one of those bits of sewing terminology that make beginner quilters look at you […]