• Fabric Shopping – The Smart Way To Do It in 6 Steps

    $2 a Yard on Fabric? - Is this for real?! WOW! These 6 tips are an awesome game changer in the fabric store!

    Is there really a smart way to fabric shop? Don’t you just love when you’ve got inspiration in your soul and you walk into your large personal fabric storage armoire and your fingers glide effortlessly to exactly the right piece you were needing? Is she serious? …The Answer is no. I’m not at all. And […]

  • A Charity Quilt – The Reveal

    Quilting for the greater good. Beautiful Quilt Pattern www.iseestarsquilting.com

    Quilters are some of the most generous people with their art. They want it to be used, to be loved and cherished. Charity quilts are huge in the quilting circle for many different organizations! I’m going to share some images from one of my latest quilts because I’m happy with it, ok? That’s totally ok […]

  • 5 things To Sew For Vacation!

    Do you have a get-away planned in the future? Looking to take a long a few handmade items on your trip? Here are my favorite top 5 Things To Sew For Vacation! Vacations are the best…. One of my favorite things to do before vacation is to procrastinate packing… anyone else with me, mommas? Oh, […]

  • 5 FREE Weekend Quilt Patterns

    5 FREE weekend quilt patterns! for when you really just need to finish something or you are on a deadline for a gift! I LOVE #3!

    Are you feeling like me this week? Looking around for some free weekend quilt patterns to sew away the stress? It’s been one of those weeks! Whew! I never could get caught up enough with normal chores to get to where I thought I could sit and relax (I should know better by now, right?) … […]

  • Fave Fabric Friday – Katarina Roccella

    Fabric designer Katerina Roccella creates beautiful floral designs for quilting and sewing. love her floral inspirations! www.iseestarsquilting.com

    If you’re new to my blog, Fave Fabric Fridays are the days where we take a break from the quilting how-tos and the pattern breakdowns and we look at the genius minds behind all the modern fabric designers that we love so much. My hope is that you’ll find someone or something new and enjoy […]

  • Choosing Your Quilting Fabrics

    This amazing site is perfect for finding the perfect quilting fabrics! Oh I love them all! www.iseestarsquilting.com

    Let’s talk Fabric, shall we? More specifially, Choosing your quilting Fabrics! This step, for me, usually begins before the picking of the quilt pattern, sometimes before I even have a quilt recipient in mind. You know when you see that one fabric that gives you those heart eyes and… *boom* its love inspiration. (ok ok it’s totally […]