If you’re looking for Cheap sewing room Storage Ideas, I have the perfect list for you! I compiled all my favorites into one place for you!

But first, I need to get something off my chest today.

Sewing is not a cheap hobby. Did you know? – I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you think you’re actually going to save money by making your own clothes and quilts… you need to just stop and go to Target (or Walmart or a thrift shop). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But its better you hear it up front from me than later from your bank account when you’re fully engrossed and past the point of no return.

You aren’t making just “blankets”… you’re making a QUILT that has love and thought stitched into every single fiber. Every thread. Every decision from the beginning to the end. There is love.

You don’t just pick blue fabric because you like the color blue… you spend time browsing through the fabric store and every shade of blue to find the perfect one.

A particular star pattern fabric reminds you how you sang “twinkle twinkle little star” to your child every day when they were little and brings a smile to your face when you work it into their quilt.

The orange thread? That’s the phase they went through in high school where everything was neon orange. Everything.

Hours spent browsing through your magazines or Pinterest files for the perfect pattern? All worth it when you find it!

Quilting involves the mind, the imagination, planning and carrying out projects hour after hour, picking out mistakes, curses mumbled under your breath and reworking a design until its absolutely perfect.

You may be wondering if quilting is perhaps a little bit of insanity as well? – The answer is most likely yes, but most of all it is LOVE.

If you think modern quilting is just some dainty art with fabric no one wanted that your grandmother used to do… you are so wrong.

If you receive a quilt as a gift, love it. Use it. Pull it out on a chilly night with your favorite book and wrap yourself up in every loving stitch like a warm hug. That is exactly what the quilter would want you to do.

–Rant over–



My kids went back to school today, so I took myself on a little green tea and tapioca fueled field trip to my favorite shopping spots so I could scope out the best deals and ideas for you! But I also spent a little time doing this today too… It was lovely.

Cheap Sewing Room Storage

With what I said above in regards to sewing not being a cheap hobby, I meant it, but that doesn’t mean EVERYTHING has to cost you a pretty penny!

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One of the biggest hassles with quilting is that you accumulate a bunch of stuff. For more info on the “stuff” you need. See the links below:

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If you do not have a dedicated craft or sewing space/room, don’t sweat it. You can still be organized with cutely little containers and baskets that allow you to clean up in a jiffy. That’s actually how I rank all my storage habits being that my sewing space is actually in the formal dining area of my house and thus open to the rest of the house. Me and my mess in all its glory for everyone to see. Can I clean it up and out of sight quickly?

I’ll give you the Target Pick and the Dollar Store Pick. Also, a disclaimer: My dollar store looked like a tornado hit it. Someone was cleaning house for back to school or something because …yikes. I did try to clean up a bit in a few of the pictures for you, but soon realized it was hopeless as the whole store was chaos. 

If you're looking for Cheap Sewing Room Storage Ideas, you'll find all my favorite picks here so you know what is worth the money and what isn't worth your time

These sewing baskets are great for your tool storage! They are usually found at the big box craft stores or on Amazon. They come in a plethora of adorable hard to resist cutesy fabrics! It’s great for hauling your tools around and keeping your things together in one nice little place.  You can tuck this little box in a corner or a closet and be ready to grab and go at any moment!

Also, that is my dog. He name is Lizzie and she was rather tired of me working yesterday. Playing was a much more pressing task. 🙂

WIP Project Storage Boxes

(AKA – Work in Progress) There are also these boxes which I talked briefly about in this post. Scrap Fabric Storage! & What to do with them! I love them. It is the same method I use for my kid’s playroom organization. Leggos are quick to clean up if you can just throw them all into one bin and plop them on a shelf for easy access later. Really, do we ever actually grow up?

If you're looking for Cheap Sewing Room Storage Ideas, you'll find all my favorite picks here so you know what is worth the money and what isn't worth your time

Target Version: It is a simple shelf bin from Target. I paid $3 for it. It is pretty sturdy plastic. And in my favorite teal color! Right now you’re looking at my EPP projects. (That project will never end.) This is my WIP -work in progress- box. Sometimes I’ll switch it around, but it usually holds my projects until completion.

Whenever I have to clean up my mess or move to a more pressing project, everything (EVERYTHING) goes into the box. It keeps everything together and in one place. Then I can pull it back out later that day or later that month and not have to hunt down a pattern or fabric swatches or what have you. It is all together and easily kept.

Dollar Store Version: I found this one isn’t as… shall we say decorative?… as the target one, but hey, it’s a dollar. And if it is going in a closet where only you will see it… buy five of them 😀 It’s official name is a “dish bucket” (clearly they don’t see the potential that I do)

Dollar Store Version #2: If you have a specific spot you’re looking to fit a basket, check these out. There are a ton of options. *Again, sorry for the mess in the store!* These can be used as drawer organizers, tool organizers or catch-alls for scraps. The biggest is about the size of a small bathroom trashcan.

Dollar Store Version #3: These may be more seasonal with back to school and college dorm shopping etc, but my dollar store also has these nice fabric bins. Still $1 and a little more ‘farmhouse chic’ than a dish bucket. 🙂

Amazon Picks for Medium Storage Solutions:

Bigger Storage

If you have the luxury of having more space to store all your supplies or your own craft space, you have to own some of these… and probably a lot of them because… I don’t know how, but a small side hobby can get out of hand rather quickly and before you know it, well, it just happens. There is no explaining… obsession and love settle in and here you are looking for sewing storage solutions. (no judgment. I gotcha!)

These easy solutions will have your organized and happy in no time! (and you don't have to spend a lot of time or money!)

Target Version: Your selection is by no means small. I mentioned these 3 stack drawers in my post here. Scrap Fabric Storage! & What to do with them! I still am so happy with these because they are perfect for my OCD brain that likes things in rainbow order.  These were about $15 each at the time of this post.

I saw these fun colored version today that takes up a little less space (and is cheaper!) Under $10 each.

There is also a huge assortment of plastic shoe box sizes that are great for storage as well. Again, all sizes… mix and match and find the one that calls out to you!

Dollar Store Version: I can’t, in good faith, recommend anything for larger storage at the dollar store. You are free to make the judgment on your own, but I find that a lot of it is rather flimsy and while it’s only $1 right now, you’ll be replacing it down the road again. There are a few exceptions, I’m sure… but I’m not sure I would take the risk.

Amazon Picks for Bigger Storage:

Drawer organizers

Silverware drawer organizers work great for these!

Target Version: I found these in the Dollar spot for back to school, but they have these close to the office supplies too.

Dollar Store Version: There are a ton of different options. Not all of them super cheap looking. I found this cute pink clear one that is perfect for pens and pencils as well as scissors. (I totally purchased this one, because …PINK!)

Amazon Picks for Drawer Organizing:

Itty Bitt Storage

Target Version: I found these in the dollar spot section. They were $3… but I’ve seen them in the cosmetic section as well. Each drawer comes all the way out for easy access to whatever treasures you store inside.

Dollar Store Version: These are a little bigger than a baby food jar, and made out of plastic with a tight fitting lid. I would guess its the perfect size for storing a modest button collection or safety pins, maybe needles? Anything itty bitty that needs containing.

Bonus Mom Tip: Do you have a toddler that needs a little distraction? Grab an extra bag of these little containers and fill them with different items. Buttons, dice, feathers, dried noodles, jingle bells etc. They all make different noises and the child will love shaking them like crazy. If you’re careful and strategic with your toys, you can pull these out only when you’re sewing and sewing will become an enjoyable activity for the both of you!

This cute fabric bin can be made in an hour and can be used all over the house! No extreme sewing skills required... its so easy!

Make Your Own Storage Version: Check out this post. The Perfect Easy Catch the Mess Fabric Bin It is beginner friendly but you can easily add your own flair to it if you like and take it up a notch. I use these baskets for my little things like magic clips, stray thread catcher, tiny scraps… what have you. It works and its fun when I use my favorite fabrics. (Side note: my kids have several as well!)

Amazon Picks for small storage:

Keep it together

These you can purchase at both Target and the Dollar Store.  Perfect for keeping bundles of fabric together!

Also available on Amazon: If you don’t feel like going out today 🙂 Hello prime shipping, right?

Pin Storage

These are some of my favorite cheap sewing room storage finds 🙂 I also love to make these as gifts.  You can find the tutorial for the image below here The (Less than) 5 Minute Pin Cushion

little details like this make all the difference in a sewing room with personality. which pins are the ones you simply MUST have on hand? Read here www.iseestarsquilting.com

The Dollar Store Version: I love these because they are cheap (obviously). There is usually a large selection to choose from too… and even some with silly sayings.

You don’t have to use a mug though! Feel free to experiment and play around with different cups or bowls. I think this one is an ice cream dish? but how cute would it be with the right fabric!

Goodwill Version (or thrift store shops): I have actually found several really beautiful teacups that I have repurposed for this exact DIY. Part of the fun of this hunt is that you’ll never know what you’re going to find!

If you don’t want to make your own, you can easily find so many cute ones that are already made for you out there! Check out some of these cute finds to dress up your sewing space and bring in a little happiness too!

Pin Cushion Amazon Finds:


One last thing that I saved for last because it is not a necessity, but man does it make it nice to store fabric! These thick pieces of cardstock paper are intended for keeping comic books uprights for storage (at least that is what Amazon says they are for) but they are perfect for wrapping your fabric on as mini-bolts. Everything is all the same size and easy to see when you line them up on a shelf!


what is your favorite cheap storage finds? Where do you find your best budget finds? Let me know in the comments and do share your fun finds!

If you're looking for Cheap Sewing Room Storage Ideas, you'll find all my favorite picks here so you know what is worth the money and what isn't worth your time