So you’ve got your quilt 85% complete and you are rocking this whole “quilting thing”! Congratulations! … now it is time for the binding. You may be feeling a little uneasy about it all, possibly even dreading this step because you haven’t figured out a method that really works flawlessly for you, yet? Would you laugh and say that a fool-proof quilt binding method doesn’t exist? — oh it does, and I’m going to show you how!

How to bind your quilt - A no fail easy approach to quilt binding

With my first several quilts, I struggled with the binding so much. There are so many different ways to do it and everyone claims their way was ‘fool -proof‘ — which really left me to wonder just how big of a fool I am if I couldn’t do it, right? yikes.

So I did what I normally do and became hyper-obsessed with figuring out how to hack this quilt binding method thing into something I could do without stress.

I really do love quilting, but it’s not ok to gift someone an 85% finished quilt! I knew I would have to figure it all out eventually…

If you struggle with quilting binding, you are not alone! I'll show you how I learned to hack this step in the quilting process and make it fool-proof (I promise!) so you never struggle with it again!

So, I started doing my research, I watched video after video on youtube. This also included looking at other bloggers that I admired to try and gain their wisdom.

I asked all my quilting friends and I even approached a stranger in the fabric store that looked like she really knew her stuff (totally true story).

What I wound up with was a quilt binding method that wasn’t complicated. It didn’t require me doing any gymnastics or pulling out my magic wand. It isn’t rocket science and I certainly didn’t re-invent the wheel here!

But it works. And it works well… every single time. Flawlessly.

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So what is my secret no stress, Fool-proof binding method?

If all of the above rings true for you and you’re maybe starting to feel a little defeated by this whole quilting world… I want you to stop. Stop it right now.

Sit up a little straighter and puff out your chest a bit.

Do it.

I don’t know why, but if you can fake a little confidence, you actually really do gain just a little bit. Fake it till you make it! 😉

You got this. I promise!

You know that I have a desire to make all the complicated hard parts of quilting accessible and attainable for the beginner quilter. – Everyone should really enjoy quilting!

I made this video that goes over step by step – everything you need to know – detailed explanation of how to sew your quilt binding on. No extra fluff stuff, I promise. 🙂

Video highlights:

  • Calculating fabric needs
  • Common binding sizes
  • Connecting binding pieces together
  • Attaching it to your quilt
  • How to be the boss of those corners – perfect corners every time!
  • Alternatives to sewing a straight seam
  • Ideas on ways to make it your own!

Really, this is THE video you need to watch on quilt binding. 🙂

Check it out. Let me know what you think! Leave me a comment that lets me know your thoughts. Give my fool-proof quilt binding method a try and see if you stress a little less with your next quilt binding!

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