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What if I told you I’ve created a way to effortlessly sew straight seams every.single.time?

After struggling to get perfectly accurate piecing in my quilting and realizing I wasn’t the only one who struggled with it, I decided there had to be a better way! With my Straight Sewing Guide there is…

  • No more squinting at hard to read guidelines.
  • No more “guessing” at WHICH line to follow
  • No more uneven lines – up to 3 points of reference with one simple guide!

My Straight Stitch Guide will help you...

It is an absolute Fact: When you Sew Straight Seams You Have more confidence in your quilting skills

“I LOVE my Straight Seam Guide! I can’t see the tiny tick marks on my sewing machine anymore. I used to just hope I got it right. Now it is so simple and easy to see where I am sewing.

-Joan R.-

Did I mention that I will pay Your shipping costs?

That is right! I’m offering FREE SHIPPING! Anywhere in the world!

Hey, I know shipping costs can get expensive… I want to pay your shipping costs! It is my gift to you 🙂

I also usually ship out next day so it can get to you as fast as possible!

SHIPPING = $3.50

Oh, and Installation is so simple!

Just in case you were wondering if this was going to be a complicated piece to install… it’s totally not! See for yourself just how easy it is!

(Don’t worry! I will totally email you a link to this video after purchase so you’ll have access once you receive your Straight Sewing Guide! 🙂

I can’t wait for you to see just how wonderful it is to set up and use!

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