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Amazon Prime Day 2021!
(The Best Deals that I've found!)

Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME is still going on! Let’s shop together!

New deals added today (the last day to shop!)

Biggest surprise deals this year!

30% OFF!!

These are quilting gloves! I can not wait to try these out! They look amazing and the reviews are very promising 🙂

50pcs 100% Cotton Fabric Bundle! Precut Squares!


Do you see these Diamond pins?!?! $7.19! These are perfect for gifts!

This is my husband’s AMAZING book! Only $0.99 to download and start reading immediately! 😍

The best of the best Deals on Amazon!

It's $19.99! OMG 50% off
The echo show is 44% off!

This is what I use for my computer monitor! 🙂 Its $129!

I love our ring doorbell!

I LOVE our Instant Pot!

38% off and the Kindle White is now waterproof

We have one and I’m so glad we do!

All-new Echo Dot 50% OFF

Fire Stick 43% OFF!

Ring Alarm Kit 39% Off!


My Crafty Finds on Amazon!

This Tracing light box is amazing!

My Home Deal Finds on Amazon!