Hey There! Calling all kids!
Do you know a young sewist who is itching to join the big leagues?!
Maybe you’re just looking for a little quality creative time together?

That is why I created a BRAND NEW Experience!

I work best when I have a solid plan! Maybe you do too?

I also think that the little tips & tricks make a
big difference when you’re first starting out.

Sew with me is a special workshop designed just for mini sewists Age 6-13!
(with the assistance and company of a-very-fun adult)



Sew With Me is a no-stress FUN FILLED way to spend time

with your little creatives and share your passion for sewing!!

Hey There, Quilter!

“We had such a fun time! Everything was very well organized and I didn't have to plan anything!”

My Grandkids have wanted to sew with me, but I was afraid of choosing something they would never be able to finish. Sew With Me took away all the pressure of planning. I just got to have fun and enjoy time with the kids. It was a really incredible experience for us all!
Thank you, Christen! You thought of everything!
Emily R.


Step By Step Instruction Videos!

We’re right by your side every step of the way! – Guiding and assisting you and your sewist to make the most of your time.

Easy to understand and follow along!

3 AMAZING Projects Included!

Choices are good! Choose one project or… make them all! 

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS and fabric requirements included!

Plus You Get
A BONUS Party Pack!

Yessss! Everyone loves a fun party, right? You’ll get a  printable Bonus Party Pack that has all of my favorite ideas for getting kids excited to sew! 

It includes an invitation, certificates, organizational checklists, rewards and ideas to make your time together extra special!

Who Are We?:

Christen has been sewing for 20 years. She Started ISeeStarsQuilting in 2017. She loves sharing her tips & tricks with modern quilters all over the world!
Maddox is 10 years old and loves to try new things. He started sewing with his mom at 6 years old but he is still a beginner sewist. He also likes to help in the kitchen and play video games.


I designed Sew With Me for kids ages 6-13 to follow with the assistance of another semi-experienced sewist (which I call the “helper” in the videos). If you have a younger sewist, you made need to assist a little more.

For children who have had a little exposure to the sewing machine or catch on a little faster, I have added some tips to give them a little more of a challenge.

This class is geared for young sewists who have an interest in creating and sewing. The structure given is easy to follow and still gives you the freedom to make it all your own. 

Use this to make a fun sleepover weekend with your favorite kids or break it up and sew a few hours at a time!

This course was designed to give instruction for any young sewist to follow. It leaves plenty of room to customize your project and make everyone happy!

I have created videos that show step by step how to create each project. You can watch the videos at your own pace and pause when needed.

Videos are easy to follow and multiple angles are given to allow understanding every step of the way.

No, I do not recomend at any point allowing a child to be unattended with any of the equipment needed to take this workshop.

Sew With Me is designed to give you an opportunity to bond with your child and pass on the skills of your passion for sewing and quilting. 

Nope! Once you buy this workshop, it is yours to take as many times as you like.

The videos are prerecorded so that you can watch them whenever you’re ready for them! Want to make it a fun sewing retreat weekend? Awesome! Want to watch just a few hours after school? That’s great too!


"I am so proud of my kids!"

We started out just sewing projects that were just for us to use. My daughter caught on quickly with the videos and then she decided to make something for her sister (*GASP!*) After that, she made several gifts for her friends too! It was so nice to see her enjoy creating things for others!
Rene M.