Straight Seam Guide InstalLation

Check out these quick instructions on how to properly install your Straight Seam Guide and you’ll be sewing up beautiful seams in no time! 🙌 😘 Plus, I have a special offer for you down below!

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An online video course that teaches the basics of quilting. Every single step shown and explained! We'll make a quilt together!


Learn quilting step by step from start to finish! You and I are going to sew a quilt together! Modern Quilting Made Easy is a video course that you can take at your own pace! I show you how to do EVERYTHING and share my tips & tricks along the way.

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Hey There Beautiful Fabric Artist!

I’m Christen. I am a designer, artist, quilter and lover of fabric and all things bright and colorful. I’m also a mom to two kids and super busy girl!

I really get excited about Modern Quilting and taking all the knowledge of generations before us and putting a new twist on it! I love to share my tips & tricks with you on my blog!

I have an obsession with cups of cold tea (I mean, forgetting that I made them and leaving them on the counter to find later) and also the color pink.

I look forward to sharing in this quilting adventure with you!

Happy Sewing! 💖 — Christen