Summer Quilts + Colors on the brain!

It’s March now and spring is full of blooms and buds. It’s already in the low 80s temperature, but spring is so grossly full of pollen that one can’t help but look forward to the warmer summer months ahead – yes, sans the pollen.

Quilts in the winter are for snuggling on the couch by the fire with a good book, fuzzy socks included. Cool, calm, serene – whites, greys and periwinkles, soft plush fabrics.

I’ll be honest, in Texas… we don’t exactly have a winter here (though it did ‘snow’ twice this year) … My husband and I have lived on every coast and I totally prefer Texas snow over any other snow. *Ah, beautiful… and then the next day it’s melted and gone.

Quilts in the Summer are for picnics and days spent laying in the sun on the beach, sweet tea in hand and sunglasses on! Warm, firey, bright – Reds, oranges and a little aqua, colors, and shapes ablaze!

Sometimes knowing the feel/theme you’re wanting to incorporate into your quilts is as easy as finding 1 particular fabric and then adding a few coordinating simple colors. Other times, I search for a long time with little to show for inspiration.

But you don’t have to worry about the latter situation today! I’ve done some exploring and have picked out my favorite color palettes for summer!

If one of these strikes your fancy, I highly suggest taking a screenshot or pinning it to your boards so you can take it with you to the fabric shop and know exactly what color families to hit up and gather your new stash!

I have a course that teaches you everything you need to know about choosing fabrics for your quilts! It’s a fun and very educational class that takes away the stress of matching fabrics for each project! Check it out here.

Let’s explore some winning color combos to get those summer vibes flowing!

Summer Colors

Golds are always in… pair it with some aquas and some ocean-y blues and you can almost sink your toes down into this quilt.

Summer Colors

This is a slightly more modern take on a beachy palette. The lime color with the aqua with an offset accent of light blue and neutral beige/tan will have you swimming in a cool pool of a quilt in no time.

Summer Colors

Red, white and blue – You can’t go wrong. Add in some variations of creams and blues and you’ll have fabric for a picnic-worthy quilt for any adventure. Pull this baby out on July 4th and your quilt will shine like the flag itself!

Summer Colors

I just can’t help it with this sherbert palate. I’m such a girly girl at heart. These neons give me happy butterflies in my stomach because wow. Who wouldn’t be thrilled sprawl out on this lovely colorful summer quilt and soak up some rays? Pure joy.

Summer Color

Watermelon and summer go together like 2 peas in a pod! This one is a little tricky, however. Stick to a gradient pattern in your quilting mixed with some extra doses of lime and yellow to avoid this one looking like a Christmas holiday quilt. This Mod Mellons quilt pattern by one of my favorite girls, Suzyquilts, is enough to swoon over and you can grab it for FREE at this link.

Summer Colors

Speaking of fruits, how about a quilt with a little love of citrus?? I love the way the aqua pairs with the oranges… it just screams happy long summer days.

Wow… are you feeling warm and happy inside? – Feeling those winter blues being chased away or starting to cling to the hope that one day soon you’ll be able to breathe clearly again without your nagging allergies?

Summer will be here before you know it, folks! Get those fabric brains working. Pick a palate from the choices above and start digging through your stash! When that first warm weekend hits, you’ll have an excuse to lay out in the sun for hours and hours because I mean.. someone has to pull out the brand new quilt and show it some mad love, right? Might as well be YOU!

If you have a favorite summer quilt, let me know about it in the comments.

Happy Quilting!