Think you’re too busy to quilt?

Does a time-consuming pattern leave you feeling less than inspired to quilt?

Wish there was a way you could make your quilting look impressive without the added confusing pattern or learning new techniques?


The Busy Momma Busy Baby Playmat is your answer!

This Busy Momma Busy Baby Playmat Pattern is a game changer in the pattern world! (Yes, I’m offering it for FREE right now) Are you ready for it?

I created this pattern to be both quick & easy. It is a no-fail when you need something that comes together fast and looks like you spent a lot of time on it. (Guess what? … you will spend less time than you think!)
Let’s face it. Gone are the days where we have the ability to sit around for 8 hours and gossip with our friends while we work on a quilt together.
We live in a fast-paced, busy world and time is precious. We all need a pattern like this in our arsenal for when we need a quick baby gift or playmat for our own kiddos, right?
This pattern is my gift to you. Stay strong and keep quilting, mommas!
Keep the quilting art alive, kick it up a notch with some modern prints and share the love with your family and friends. <3
Happy Quilting!
PS – Don’t forget to tag me in your projects! I’d love to see what you’re creating You can check out my Instagram: @ISeeStarsQuilting #ISeeStarsQuilting #BusyMommaBusyBaby
A free pattern built for busy people! The Busy Momma Busy Baby Playmat Pattern is a game changer in the quilt industry!

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