FAQ’s with Christen

I adore my Janome 360QDC. It was my first upgrade to a “quilting machine”.

I upgraded again after several years to the Janome Horizon 15000 a few years ago and it is a wonderful machine! I still keep my 3160 for travel and as a backup machine 🙂

Obviously, this is like, a really REALLY loaded question. And honestly kind of personal, but I don’t have a lot of boundaries so I’ll be honest and tell you that it really depends on SO many factors. 

There are different abilities and price ranges involved. I can tell you that I stitched for so many years on a cheapie hand-me-down sewing machine from Walmart (like a $60ish range machine) and did just fine. You’ll know when you’re ready to move up a level. You may need to try out a few different brands to really know for sure what your sewing soul mate will be.

If you’re truly clueless, I highly suggest calling up an expert. Check out your local quilt shop and begin to ask around with friends and research online. I have a post with the best deals you can find on Amazon.

Your sewing machine is going to become one of your BFFs. I suggest you figure out your budget first and then research machines that fit within that budget and JUST slightly above that so you can get a feel for what is comfortable to you. 

Modern quilting is a style that embraces contemporary designs, bold colors, and innovative techniques. It often features geometric patterns, minimalism, and a departure from traditional block patterns.

Look for quilting cotton as it is stable, easy to work with, and comes in a variety of prints and colors. Consider the pattern and color scheme of your project and choose fabrics that complement each other. I also have a very in-depth class that I teach on Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Quilts. It is one of my most popular classes!

Wash quilts sparingly and on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat. Store them folded or rolled to avoid permanent creases.

I have a free download sheet with care instructions for your quilts and a guide for 4 things you should do before you gift a quilt.

Yes, I have several classes that are suited for beginner quilters. You can check out the Classes section for the schedule and to register. I am also available to hire as a guest speaker at guild events and quilt lectures.

Oh boy! If only this were so easy to just type up in a cute little paragraph! The easiest way to avoid the frustration of making mistakes is to know you’re going to make them, take the opportunity and time to fix them and learn from them. Don’t let it ruin your entire quilt (or your day!) Just move through it and know every single quilter makes mistakes!

I share tons of “my mistakes” on my youtube channel so you can feel free to watch me tell you what not to do lol

Common mistakes include not measuring fabrics accurately, using mismatched thread, and rushing through the sewing process. Take your time, measure twice, and practice consistency in your stitching.

You can find patterns in the shop on my website. I offer a few patterns suitable for different skill levels and there are also free tutorials on my youtube channel.

Yes! I love to help you finish your quilts!! You can visit this page on my website for all of the information and to get a free quote calculation based on the size of your quilt.

Just to be clear, the patterns in my shop may not be sold or reproduced. Duplication of any kind is prohibited. However, if you make a quilt using one of my patterns, the work is your own and you may sell the final product. Please send me a picture of it though! I would love to see it! I would appreciate it if you give me proper design credit for the pattern.

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For support, please contact via email. I’m happy to help with any issues you may encounter.

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