Dying to dig deeper and know a little more? 🤷‍♀️

What sewing machine do you use?

I adore my Janome 360QDC. It’s truly a dreamboat.

What sewing machine do you recommend?

Obviously this is like, a really REALLY loaded question? And honestly kind of personal, but I don’t have a lot of boundaries so I’ll be honest and tell you that it really depends on SO many factors. 

There are different abilities and price ranges involved. I can tell you that I stitched for so many years on a cheapie hand-me-down sewing machine from Walmart (like a $60ish range machine) and did just fine. You’ll know when you’re ready to move up a level. You may need to try out a few different brands to really know for sure what your sewing soul mate will be.

If you’re truly clueless, I highly suggest calling up an expert. Check out your local quilt shop and begin to ask around with friends and research online. I have a post with the best deals you can find on Amazon.

Your sewing machine is going to become one of your BFFs. I suggest you figure out your budget first and then research machines that fit within that budget and JUST slightly above that so you can get a feel for what is comfortable to you. 

So, why do you *LOVE* Quilting?

Well, why not? Some people make AMAZING 5-course dinners for their family… I make quilts. I love the artistic expression of love sewn into every single fiber. Design is just kind of my thing, ya know what I mean?

Do you hand quilt?
I love hand quilting. I am trying to better my abilities and you’ll see some here and there around my blog. Most of the time I end up machine quilting my projects.

Do you sell quilts? – Will you make one for me?
I have been known to sell a quilt here and there. A quilt can be a hard thing to part with. If you have a particular one in mind contact me about pricing and availability.

Can I sell a quilt made from one of your patterns?

Just to be clear, the patterns in my shop may not be sold or reproduced. Duplication of any kind is prohibited. However, if you make a quilt using one of my patterns, the work is your own and you may sell the final product. Please send me a picture of it though! I would love to see it! I would appreciate it if you give me proper design credit for the pattern.


Do you use affiliate links on your website?
Yes, I only post links to products that I absolutely love and use myself. I will never post a link to a product I do not personally recommend. If you click on an affiliate link and then proceed to purchase something from that affiliated website, I receive a small commission of the final sale, but it in no way costs you anything extra. This helps me bring in a little extra income and allows me to keep providing you with free content and tutorials. You can view my Privacy Policy if you have any questions.

 Did I answer all your questions? Did I leave something out? Send me an e-mail. I’m happy to answer your questions as quickly as I can. 😘