MODERN QUILTING MADE EASY – This is one of my most popular courses for new quilters. Seriously – We go through EVERYTHING together! I get to interact with you every step of the way!… I’ll show you my tips and tricks and teach you quilting step by step.  + Includes an exclusive pattern!

Need Help With Your Crafting Space? Organizing, storage, and all the little details?!

I want to help you create the most amazing space ever!

I have created the perfect guide to help you create your craft/sewing room dream space! Step by step, no fabric left unaccounted for – and no stress! I promise. 


How can you do it all AND love your creative life? – I’ll show you how!

Learn how to tap into the inspiration around you and access total creative freedom for your best year EVER!​

Wish you could easily choose your fabrics and know they go together? Learn how to confidently choose every time!

Learn how to store and use your scrap fabrics to create amazing things!

A stunning block of the month pattern that utilizes your scrap fabric storage!

Hey there, Creative Quilter!

I’m Christen – a self taught quilter with an absolute LOVE of what I do. – Are you ready to take your quilting to the next level? Or maybe just need a little help with the basics?

I have a background in Art and color theory and an incurable obsession with fabric, I’m afraid.

I want to help you boost your confidence to create beautiful things in this world!


This course is from my good friend Amira. (You will love her!) I highly reccomend her course and she is sweet enough to offer my readers an exclusive discount! <3