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Hi, My name is Christen. I made my first quilt out of a desperate need to still feel like a creative artist while being a mom of 2 very busy little babies at the time. (this was back ~2011)

I had spent many years (pre-kids) studying art and design in very fancy classes and having a rosy outlook on the world. 😍 Know what it didn’t prepare me for? The literal years that followed where absolutely NONE of it would enter ANY part of my daily routine anymore! Toddlers and fancy art do not mix!

I took random freelance design jobs here and there but it wasn’t anything to brag about and it certainly wasn’t creative enough to sustain me.

I remember one day in particular where I swear I could feel the last little artistic ember inside me just fizzle out… It was a sad day. It hurt my soul so much to feel like everything I had worked for and loved (pre-kids) had to completely disappear…

I adore my kiddos. Never once would I trade them for all the designer glam that could have been! But I am definitely not ok with completely giving up myself and the things I enjoy either.

How I made it work:

I love to create beautiful things for my family now. It started with just 2 simple quilts so no one would have to fight over my favorite blanket when we watched movies… and now there are too many quilts for me to even count!

I’m still a busy girl! That part hasn’t changed. I’m a wife, mom, artist and business owner. In the tiny scraps of spare time, I squeeze out time to do what I love to do: Quilt.

Over time and a whole lot of trial and error I have learned how to fit it all in and create an absolutely beautiful life that I LOVE!

I believe in a better way – a non-traditional way.

I want to help you keep your sanity too!

On this blog, you’ll find tutorials and other tips and tricks help you in your day to day creative life. (Just starting out? Visit this page – Quilting 101)

I can show you shortcuts on tasks and help you be more confident in your quilting skills. I want to share with you the things that I have learned while still maintaining a semi-orderly house. (I do quilts, not magic potions of the dark arts)

I want to inspire you to create something completely outside of your comfort zone, but not lose your cool in the process.

I want to spark your soul with inspiration!

My mission is to teach you how to fit in more of what you love to do and create something beautiful every single day!

Modern quilting is my absolute favorite creative hobby (though I have many) It is the roaring fire I didn’t know I had inside me and I LOVE to try new things all the time.

Modern quilting has taken the foundation from the generations before us and created an entirely new era of art, expressionism and design. It is an explosion of design and color. Each and everyone has a mood and personality of its own!

You can check out pictures of my projects here.


My Quilting Background

I do have an extensive background in art and design. I do not, however, come from a long line of quilters. I’ve had to learn by trial and error and hours and hours with the seam ripper.

To my very core, I am an artist. Creating beautiful things. That is what gives my soul rest.

When I found quilting, it’s as if my heart had found its home. My favorite people can get hugs from my quilts whenever they want and know that I love them to pieces.

You can tour my sewing room here! 

Are you ready to add more creativity and quilting time into your day? (no matter how busy you are!)

Are you ready to have your most creative year EVER??

Are you even the slightest bit curious just what your unleashed creative potential could be??