Welcome to your
Amazon Prime Day headquarters!

I will be updating this page frequently with all the best deals to share with you!


So, get your-crafty-selves super excited because this is the Awesome-est Amazon shopping day of the year and they have promised some HUGE deals AND made it a 2-Day Event! (squeeee!)

The best of the best Deals on Amazon!

Lowest Price Ever!
Amazon Firestick

Wow 48% OFF!

OMG… Someone made it waterproof! And $45 OFF!

We have one and I’m so glad we do!

57% OFF and I LOVE ours!

I’ve never seen them at this price. I use mine for music.

Save $95!

50% Off!

Such Amazing Reviews!

Woah, 70% OFF!

Coming/Ending Soon Deals

Starts 7:42 PM (centeral)

My Crafty Finds on Amazon!

I noticed some of the sales prices weren’t coming across right, so I’ve taken off the prices. These are the best deals for crafty items today!

These scissors are such a great price!

I have had this one for 7 years! I LOVE IT!

This is an amazing deal for furniture!

This is a lifesaver in paper piecing!

All Things Quilty!

Set of 3

$450 OFF!
This is the machine I use!

Great for travel or kids!

$175 OFF!

The BEST spray bottle EVER!

So many colors for Less than $20!

Beautiful Quality Embroidery Thread!

Craft room Accessories!

I love these classy scissors

Rainbow Pretties…

Two words…
Button Coasters!

$160 OFF!

75% OFF and Fantastic Scissors!

Craft Room Coffee? Yes.

A Girls Gotta Have Good Snacks!

I LOVE this lamp!

Easy Dancing Music

Beautiful and almost 1/2 off!

Glitter, oh my

24 x 18 – A good size

24 x 36


2 Colors Available!

Amazon isn't the only one with great deals!

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