I love sharing the warmth of a beautiful handmade quilt with someone who truly needs it. You know exactly what I mean… to be able to share the LOVE of quilting is a wonderful thing. Here are 10 great places to donate quilts to!

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Ten Great places to Donate Quilts! Feeling extra generous with your beautiful talents? Want to share the Quilt Love? Check out these Amazing places!

Donating Quilts For Children

Project Linus

I love this charity! It’s such a sweet one. Project Linus aims to provide love and security for seriously ill, or children in need. Many children find comfort in a ‘blankie’, and Project Linus delivers them to hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, or anywhere else love is needed.

Project Linus has chapters in all 50 states. You can find the location nearest to you on their FAQ page. Learn more about donating quilts here, and learn more about the organization here.

Wrap Them in Love

If you want to help on a more global scale, Wrap Them in Love distributes donated quilts to children around the world. In 1980, founder Ellen Sime, adopted two children from Korea. While waiting for her adopted children, Ellen thought “Was someone holding her when she cried? Was he fed and taken care of properly? Did someone hug him?” So she began Wrap Them in Love, to send love and hugs around the world for children who need them. Learn more about the organization here.

Quilts for Kids

Quilts for Kids was founded by Linda Arye, a quilter who saw the waste of discontinued fabric samples being sent to landfills. She decided to start a charity to save that perfectly good fabric from the garbage, and create it into something beautiful. Quilts for Kids has saved millions of pounds of fabric and donates roughly 30,000 quilts yearly. You can request a pre-made quilting kit from them, and only need to pay for the shipping ($6.00)! Learn more about the organization here or request a kit here.

Quilts Beyond Borders

Quilts Beyond Borders provides quilts to orphans around the world. Originally, Quilts Beyond Borders focused on Ethiopia but has now expanded to spreading love and hope to 25 other countries. Currently, Quilts Beyond Borders is focusing on Syrian refugees, and children living in the Navajo Nation. Learn more about their quilting criteria here and more about the organization here.

Sew Powerful

I’m adding this charity here because they are als slowly changing the lives of young girls and it is amazing! You can download a free purse pattern from their website, create the purse and donate it back to them to deliver all over the world. – If you’re looking for something to shake up your sewing skill (but is super easy to follow) this is for you!

You can read more about Sew Powerful in this post.

Sew Powerful is a "sewing for good" organization that helps break the cycle of poverty and they need your help! Download the FREE purse pattern and change a life!

Donate Quilts For Veterans

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor near and dear to my heart. I love this charity and supporting the military.

Quilts of Valor is dedicated to creating and distributing quality quilts to veterans. Catherine Roberts, founder of Quilts of Valor, has one basic principle: quilts = healing. Quilts of Valor has specific requirements for their donations, as they pride themselves on quality and durability. Find their quilting requirements here, and learn more about the organization here.

Quilting In Honor (Island Batik)

Quilted in Honor is a fundraiser led by Island Batik, and is part of Operation Homefront. Quilted in Honor has 24 locations nationwide where you can donate quilts to veterans and families. They also run quilting challenges where the entry fee proceeds are donated to Operation Homefront, and you are able to donate your finished quilt when the challenge completes. Quilted in Honor also has a shop of specialty fabrics and thread that when purchased, provides more donations to Operation Homefront. Learn more about Quilted in Honor here.

Quilts of Honor

Gail Belmont, creator of Quilts of Honor, is a Vietnam era veteran who has been playing Taps at military funerals since 1969. To ensure that no warrior would be forgotten she began Quilts of Honor. Additionally, Quilts of Honor was asked to by the Navy Seals to make a “Presidential Quilt” in 2007 for President Bush. It was installed in the “9/11 Memorial Display Case” that Fall. Quilts of Honor has chapters nationwide, and like Quilts of Valor, has special requirements for their quilts. Find their quilting requirements here, and learn more about the organization here.

Other Places to Donate Quilts..

Victoria’s Quilts

Victoria’s Quilts aims to provide comfort to cancer patients. Deborah Rogers hopes these quilts will help cancer patients be able to feel a little more comfortable. Victoria Morrison was an avid quilter herself and helped Deborah start her quilting journey. She honors her memory by helping others with the love and warmth of quilts. Learn more about the organization here.

Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS

Hopes and Dreams is not an open quilt donation organization, but they host quilting challenges for ALS patients and donate to ALS research. Participants vote on the best quilts of each challenge, and winners are eligible for some great prizes! If you are interested in participating in an ALS quilt challenge, you can learn more here.

The Giving Quilt, Inc.

The Giving Quilt is an organization that distributes to all kinds of non-profit agencies. This ranges from children’s hospitals, neonatal units, military organizations, and many more. You can donate a quilt at any time, or take part in their sponsored sew days and biennial quilt show. Learn more about the organization here.

Even More Places to Donate Quilts

There are so many places around the world to donate quilts to but in reality you don’t have to go very far… there are a lot of charities right in your own back yard!

You can always research where to donate quilts locally. Depending on your area, you may be able to donate quilts to senior centers, homeless shelters, churches, animal shelters, and hospitals! Start researching, get quilting and spread your love of quilting as far as your fabric can take you!

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