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Quilting 101


We all start somewhere. I’m glad you’re here! Whether you are brand new to quilting or you’ve been around a little while and are looking to brush up on your skills… you are not alone! I’m here to help! (You can read more about who I am here)

Quilting Tips & Advice

Do you want to be a successful quilter? To enjoy quilting and have as little frustrating “learning moments” in your quilting journey as possible? I don’t think you can get rid of them all… but it is important to get your basic skills down! Here are some of my most popular posts for quilting 101 skills.

Advice for when your Quilts make you frustrated...

So what do you do when you’ve pulled out your seam ripper for, like, the third time and you’re about to quit… the tears are welling up under your cheeks (or the curse words under your breath) and you know what?… maybe it’s not the “quick and fun” pattern that you thought it was… What do you do?

Learn How to work efficiently!

Your time is precious… learn how to make the most of it!

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Do you know all the terms that the professional quilters use? Check this list out and see where you stand. Pin it for later so you can refer back to this extensive list.


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