I love love love to design my own quilts. And I ALWAYS do it on graph paper… well, actually MOST of them are on graph paper. Some of my favorite quilt ideas are scrawled on the back of a grocery receipt because creativity doesn’t often wait until you have the time and supplies to let it flow, right? …Do what you have to do!

However, if you can help it… the best quilt planning is done on graph paper!

It doesn’t have t be fancy! Get out those fun markers or colored pencils and have fun with it. Make a rough draft and then finetune it in your final draft.

I’ve made this quick download pack of printable graph paper pages that you can use to work up your own quilt designs!

There are 5 different pages within the PDF that will help you put your most amazing quilting ideas down on paper!

I hope you have fun with these! Please give me a shout out in the comments if you like these! I love to create more useful things for my readers and the only way I know what you like the best if if you TELL ME! 🙂 Happy Sewing!

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