Let’s admit it… Quilting is pretty great! But it can get expensive… Who doesn’t love to put a few beautiful FREE Modern Quilt patterns in their project folder for a rainy day sewing session??

So I’ve scoured the web for some and some of my favorite quilters… I have added links to the free patterns for you! Get ready to be inspired with all this Modern Quilting goodness!

First off, I can’t share all my favorite FREE patterns with you without mentioning that I have a FREE Modern Quilt Pattern to gift to you as well!

I actually have several free patterns… You can click here to see all my FREE pattern posts in one spot and load up on your goodies from me 🙂

…More FREE Modern Quilt Patterns!

Fun Flamingo Quilt FREE Pattern

If you are looking to chase those winter blues away… dream a little of summer with me on this fun Flamingo Quilt from Bev from Flamingo Toes. You can get the pattern and tutorial for this Flamingo Quilt Here on her guest post on Fabric.com

Ribbon Box Quilt Pattern

The Ribbon Box Quilt Pattern from Cloud9 Fabrics – You can get the free pattern here

It’s All Black And White

I was enchanted by the minimalist design in this pattern from the moment I saw it and its one of my favorites. It is a really quick sew too 😉 You can download the pattern here.

It’s All Black and white by Rachael Godfrey of Sew Today, Clean tomorrow. She is such a sweet blogger who sews up all kinds of lovely goodies!

Warrior Quilt Pattern

If you haven’t yet discovered Suzy from SuzyQuilts.com, you’re missing out! You can get her FREE Warrior Quilt Pattern here. You wont regret it!

Modern Hashtag Quilt

Whats more modern than hashtags, right? And its such a great tutorial and step by step on this pattern too! The pattern creator is Caroline over at sewcanshe.com. You can download the pattern here.

Strip & Flip Baby Quilt

This one is such a fast sew but has endless potential to customize it and make it your own…. (I would die to see an ombre teal version!)

CluckCluckSew has beautiful easy to follow patterns! You can snag this one here.

Side note, but she is also the designer of this beautiful quilt that I made a while back – Shimmer Quilt Pattern Review.

Shimmer Pattern by CluckCluckSew - sewing by ISeeStarsQuilting Quilt top reveal and Pattern Review
(not free pattern but totally worth it!)
Modern Ombre Triangle Quilt

If you haven’t seen this one floating around Pinterest, I would love to know what rock you live under and visit you from time to time.

This is another baby step pattern to get you through your fear of sewing triangles. Think of it as baby step #2… It comes rigth after baby step #1 which is deciding that a silly little triangel isn’t going to get the best of you and YOU ARE A QUILTING BOSS! You won’t regret it! 🙂

SeeKateSew does a great job in her tutorial too! You can grab this pattern here.

I also have a different version of a Triangle Quilt Pattern that is free as well… just, you know… shameless self-promotion, because I can 😉

Fairground Quilt

This quilt is so lovely! It has that classic old-timey charm to it, but would be so fun with some letters on the banners too! An all black and white version would be stunning!

LeAnne Ballard from Everyday Celebrations created this pattern. You can get it here.

Colour Explosion

First, wow. Second…. holy wow! You can download this free pattern with tips on fabric selection here.

Hourglass Quilt Blocks

Another from CluckCluckSew! The hourglass tutorial can get found here.

Simple Hearts Quilt

Ok, I might be obsessed – Nobody judge me, ok?CluckCluckSew Can you blame me? Just look at this cute quilt!  You can download the Simple Heart Pattern Here.

I could keep going but honestly, someone has to make dinner in this house or we will all starve. — I’m apparently the only one capable of such a miraculous feat, or so I am told… *ah, sweet motherhood*

I hope you enjoy these free patterns! Until next time… Happy Sewing!

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