How is your schedule feeling lately?

Are you running around crazy busy or are you feeling settled, happy and balanced?

Every year I fall into the trap of thinking that “once summer break is over”… “once the kids go back to school”… “once I get caught up on all the things I put off over the summer”… THEN I’ll have more time to play and create.

Yes, it is allllll good for about a day and then I start to feel the pressure of after-school activities and strict schedules to adhere to and you know what?… the holiday season is just around the corner too… I had better start thinking about getting organized for that! 🤷‍♀️ It is an endless trap

Don’t let yourself get trapped!

Start re-evaluating your thought process today with these 6 steps. If you can’t FIND time for creativity… you have to MAKE it happen 🤩

6 Habits To Make More Time For Creativity

1. Decide which area of being creative brings you the most joy.

I love to dabble in a lot of different areas of crafting. I do. But it makes it really hard to be successful in any of them if I get to them only a few times a year. I suggest picking a few main areas of focus and occasionally subbing in a new interest every now and then.

2. Get to bed early.

I’ve had my fair share of super late-night creativity parties! That used to be my “power hour”. They’re wonderful when you’re in the moment and inspired and having a blast… but morning eventually comes and your next day going to work or dealing with errands/chores can feel like it drags on and on. – Get your rest so that creativity time doesn’t cause such an interruption to the rest of your life.

3. Schedule a regular date with yourself.

Mark it on your calendar and treat it like you would any other important appointment. This can be a weekly evening sewing hour or a Friday afternoon after you’ve picked up the house. Don’t cancel it. 

4. Take 5 minutes to clean up your space before you get all creative.

Creating in a messy zone is something we’ve become accustomed to, but it can hinder your energy and ability to reach your full productive self! Check out: How to quickly clean your sewing space

5. Really encourage your friends and family to do things that matter to them.

Be that cheerleader. Encourage them to take care of themselves and practice self-care. The more you see the need for it in other people, the easier it is to see the need for it in yourself.

6. Don’t feel guilty.

Don’t do it. You can’t let yourself go down that path of feeling like you’re not cut out for it. If you have a calling to be creative and it brings you joy… ENJOY IT! Don’t make time for it and then feel guilty that you did it. That’s a harsh cycle to fall into, isn’t it?   … This brings me a great video that I created 🥳 It’s a good one!

I hope that these 6 habits to make more time for creativity are helpful to you! I hope that you work your schedule around so that you have more time to be creative!

Leave me a comment down below if you have more ideas to add. I would love to hear them!

I’ll talk to you soon!


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