Do you love quilts? The vast majority of us do! It’s not hard to see why either. They offer a quick, easy way to create something beautiful and cozy. In this blog post, I’m going to share some of my favorite free patterns for quilt projects made with jelly roll precuts. This includes links to 11 different tutorials that are both easy and beginner-friendly!

What are Jelly Roll precuts?

A jelly roll is a type of precut fabric grouping. They come in many different colors, sizes, styles, or themes. In most cases, they measure 2.5″ x 42″ (or the width of fabric).

My favorite Free Jelly Roll projects!

1. The Jelly Roll Race Quilt

The easiest and most straightforward Jelly roll project is a Jelly Roll race quilt. It is a traditional quilt pattern that is usually made with two or more jelly rolls.

I love using this random pattern for a palette cleanser between larger quilt patterns. Why? because it is a quick sew, but also… there is so little tedious work within this quilt!

You don’t have to worry about corners matching up or where you’re going to place your fabric… you just have to trust me on this one and get yourself a few Jelly Roll Precuts to play with! This quilt flows together effortlessly!

I have a full video tutorial on youtube here.

2. Jelly Roll Throw/Floor Pillow

This is a great beginner quilt pattern and is really easy to make. This beginner-friendly tutorial for making a quilted throw pillow/floor out of jelly roll strips.

Bonus: The texture of this pillow is SO comfy.

This started out as just a play project that I made for fun, but I had such amazing feedback that I turned it into a free download Pattern for you. (yes, that’s one of my puppies. His name is Butters and he loves to find all the soft things to lay on!)

Want to make your own DIY quilted floor pillow? I had such an overhwlemling response to the fun pillow that I made, I created a pattern to share for FREE!

3. A Jelly Roll Rug

I have another tutorial post on this for you. I absolutely LOVE the way this project came out and I don’t know that I will ever be able to replace the rug in my bathroom with something I love more.

This is the progress I've made so far on the Jelly Roll Rug pattern. Has it been a fun pattern? yes. Has it given me challenges? Yes! I'll fill you in on my learning mistakes here...
These are the 5 Mistakes that I made while working on my jelly roll rug quilt project. I'm sharing in hopes that you'll learn from seeing my mistakes and jump into making your own jelly roll rug quilt!

4. Another popular pattern

This video has been super popular on my YouTube Channel (are you subscribed yet? Click the subscribe button so you know when I post really great new things!)

I LOVE this pattern because it is super easy and really fun to sew. – It also might be one of my favorite baby quilt patterns out there…

So when you’re looking for something fun and beautiful to sew with minimal effort and cutting, start with Jelly Roll precut strips, pick a pattern and make something beautiful!

If you want to browse through some of my favorite fabric sites, check out these stores below. I love their selection and range of fabrics!

So… what is your next Jelly Roll project going to be? Tell me down in the comments. I would love to hear about what you’re working on next!

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