I love Fabric. Like, love. it. so. much. I want to put the spotlight on one of my favorite fabric designers because she is a total rock star. The one and only – absolutely amazing… Anna Maria Horner!

Anna Maria Horner

I am obsessed with her new line. The woman can do no wrong when it comes to modern and graphic prints. Yet still, she maintains a such a feminine quality in her work. Her newest line of fabric? – shut the front door – It’s everything I’ve been waiting for and then some! Just see for yourself!

The above image is from her own website (You can visit by clicking here) showing concept sketch to the end product of dream fulfillment of this lovely print.

I love the pops of bold color and sharp crisp imagery. There is such an elegant flow that carries your eye through the fields of various wildflowers – Like tumbling through a wonderland dream world while still being awake. (*AMH – If you ever run across this blog… you’re totally have my permission to use that description*)

Here are a few more pictures of AMH new line that was just released in Feb 2018!


The tender floral prints and clean design make these fabrics works of art right off the bolt. I’m still contemplating what I’m going to create using these fabrics. I want to find something that will give center stage to the fabric. It needs to be something epic. – The struggle is real.

I’ve come across a few pattern options on her website that are perfect compliments to her fabrics. I thought I would share them with you too because I’m still undecided, myself.

AMH offers a plethora of patterns and useful notions on her website. They are completely worth the purchase, in my opinion. But if you’re on a budget after a major splurge at the fabric store or you’re just frugal and looking for a few FREE patterns to try something new, she has those as well. You can find free patterns, ideas, and tips from her website here.

My favorite FREE Pattern Picks

I love free patterns. It is the opportunity to grow your skills and learn from another expert in the field. (Pssst… if you want another free pattern, join my newsletter. I’ll send you one of my favorite quilt patterns for FREE. It is suited for quilters of all skills – yes, all!)

These 2 FREE patterns from AMH are so versatile. There are endless fabrics and themes you could use with either of these patterns as your base.

Easy enough for the beginner quilter: the Anna Maria Horner Mother Goose Pattern It may look complicated at first glance, but break it down with me, ok? – OK, it is just half square triangles and playing with lighter and darker fabric. You can totally do this one. I have faith in you.

For the slightly less newbie to intermediate quilter: the Anna Maria Horner Bohemian  – I have yet to create this pattern myself. But I’ve been eyeing it longingly for a while now. I just adore the color/pattern blocking that plays with your eyes.


My favorite PURCHASE Pattern Picks

If you’re looking for something that is a little different or a little more advanced, check out these patterns available for purchase by Anna Maria Horner. Again, Just my opinion… but totally affordable and worth every single penny.

The Anna Maria Horner Cross Country Quilt – This little beauty is stunning! This pattern is not for the newbie. It is not too complicated, but it does require a bit of know-how before diving in as it dabbles in a “special element of applique “. There are instructions for this in the pattern. I just think its good to know what you’re getting into before you’re ankle deep in cut fabric pieces you have no idea what to do with (ahem, I’m speaking for ‘a friend’)

The Anna Maria Horner Flight Map Quilt – How impressive is this quilt? It has a classic quilt quality to it but can easily be turned into a contemporary masterpiece. Choose some modern fabrics and keep your like colors together to create bold patches of color. – This quilt will be easy for the intermediate quilter. Lots of smaller pieces and stitching but a newbie can pick up on some new skills and still make this quilt without too much hair pulling 🙂

I can’t end a post about Anna Maria Horner without a mention to my most favorite fabric pattern by her! Starry eyes. Ah! It’s amazing. I need it in like every single color.

If you’re looking for a way to fine-tune your quilting skills, check out my post on the quarter inch foot. This is an easy little change that will make your finished seams line up like magic and instantly improve your accuracy!

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