What do you do with all your scraps? – Turn them into scrappy Table Decor!

I have a few dear quilting friends that I share scraps and fabric odds and ends. (Bless those girls!). We share quilting knowledge and desserts too. – good, sweet girls.

One of them gave me this Valentine themed scrap of fabric. It’s cute, so I can’t get rid of it obviously… Into my stash, it went. You never know when it will come in handy. (I’m totally being sarcastic right now, but seriously I just can’t bring myself to throw away fabric) *Fabric hoarders unite*

Inspiration struck late one night and ta-da! Enter this versatile little tiny quilt. I’ve never had a thing for table runners but this… this I like. Small enough to make it easy to store when it’s not cupids holiday and yet festive enough to sit out the month of February. Bonus: It came together in 1/2 an evening using other scraps I already had. This came together so easy… its hard not to be absolutely in love with it.

I keep saving every spare piece of usable fabric, because ‘someday I’m going to make a huge scrappy quilt!’ and its true. Someday I will. 🙂 What are some of your most favorite projects and uses for scraps?

If you are relatively new to quilting, these little projects are PERFECT for beginners! You can download my free quilting pattern here if you’re wanting something a bit more challenging, but still beginner & Intermediate level friendly!

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