I always send two things with my quilt. Small little tokens, if you will.

  1. A handwritten written card with messages of hope for a healing quilt or maybe well wishes for a sweet baby play quilt. Just something personal.
  2. My quilt labels stitched into the binding

I got my quilt labels on Etsy. They weren’t too expensive, so I bought a bunch of them and never once have I regretted that decision. You can also design and print them yourself if you feel up for a little challenge, but these were way easier at the time.

Update: Amazon has a lot of really good options too! I will be ordering these just as soon as I finish using my etsy labels!

The only thing that sometimes bothers me is that one little line across the bottom of my label…


Hmm… is it though? It has such a sweet ring to it, doesn’t it? …but some of my quilts have been a pain in the patootie and I sure it wasn’t all heart eyes and roses the whole time I was sewing. I remember those nights quite well.

Sure, each of my precious works of art is made with love…. otherwise, it wouldn’t be made at all. Duh.

But I’m sincere here… what else are my quilts made of?

A few curse words? Some blood when I stuck my finger with a straight pin for the 9th time in the last hour? What about a little sass, sarcasm and a ton of me talking out loud? Yes and yes. All of those… And my chosen recipient has not one clue beyond a rainbow-y unicorn “made with love” tagline.

So that got me wondering… What if I WAS honest on my label? What would it say?

I put together this set of six “honest” free printable gift tags because I’m a graphic artist/marketing addict by day.

If you view yourself as a seriously formal, no funny business person, these aren’t for you. Move along. But if you’re real and honest with yourself… I’m sure that you’ll love these little printables to send with your precious gems!

Enjoy, my sweet friends! You’ll also be added to my e-mail list. I promise I won’t spam you. We’re friends here, and friends don’t do that to each other. You’ll only get one email from me a week (at max). I like to add special goodies in my newsletters and links to tutorials you might have missed.

If you love them, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear what other projects you use these on!

Guess what? I created MORE gift tags to tuck in with your handmade creative gifts!

This little download has been such a fun and popular item…

If you’re looking to spice up your sewing projects, check out my Favorite FREE quilt pattern.

Stay Sassy! 🙂

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