You know how much I love a great quilt pattern… and bonus points if it is a freebie! This particular quilt that I am sharing with you today is a pattern of my very own and totally my Favorite FREE Quilt Pattern!

I love my quilting friends and I’m happy to share all my internet hunting finds and any other great quilt bloggers you should be following. **Plus, if you look at the bottom of this post there is a bonus blooper shot of this photo shoot ;)**

This one was one of the first patterns that I created. I’ve created many more designs since then, but this one is still one of my favorites. It comes together really quickly as well.

I actually took the time to carefully plan and write down everything instead of just sewing my seams by the seat of my pants and praying it all works out in the end. That was how I used to live my sewing days. Out on the edge. As hardcore as I’m trying to make that sound…. (and I’m a bit ashamed I even attempted to do that in the first place), I was the furthest thing from hardcore. I was silly and I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. I’m so glad I’ve grown up in my quilting skills since then… for both our sakes, honestly.

This Windy Days quilt pattern is full of possibilities for happy spring colors!… suitable for any color palette, but I created it with spring colors in mind, so let’s go with that today, mmmk?

That’s the front of the Windy Days Quilt… This quilt is an easy quilt! Do not let all the angles and corners fool you.

It is totally beginner friendly!

I wouldn’t lie to you or set you up for something I didn’t think you were totally capable of.

And then here is the backing! (it’s just a really amazing solid printed piece that I used, I promise… don’t be scared, ok?)

Beautiful backing choice, don’t you think? – This quilt lives with me in my office. It’s the perfect lap quilt size for when it gets chilly in here.

So, on to the FREE part!

I’ll e-mail you the pattern that lays out the foundation and goes over every step how to piece this impressive beauty if you join my e-mail list. *please don’t groan* I swear I hate junk mail just as much as everyone else. I promise I’ll only e-mail you once a week (at max!) and it’ll always be full of fun goodies… no garbage and no gross sales-y tactics. I’m a marketer in my day job. Quilting is fun and in my opinion, has no room for that sneaky product pushing!

Let’s build a group of wonderful quilters together!

Side note: I’ve been asked about the fabric choices I used for my quilt. I used a 6″ layer cake by Moda for the bright colored pieces. The backing and the ‘ink splatter’ grey and black fabric on the front are by Art Gallery.

And a special thank you to my husband who didn’t ask ‘why’ when I told him to ‘go over there and hold my pretty quilt up so I can take a picture’ for the thousandth time. He gets it now and he loves me 🙂 

The Bonus Blooper Shot

If you want to see what a blooper shot of a quilt photo shoot looks like…. well here you go. That’s my 6 year old who wanted so desperately for me to take his picture too. I still don’t know why it didn’t make the final cut 😉

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