I can’t speak for how people in other parts of the world answer the question “how are you doing?” but here (and for a while now) the answer has been “busy, but good!” I hear other mamas say it to me all the time!

And honestly, life IS good. But we’re always on the go and always busy. There is that word again… It’s a mystery how we can fit in one more single thing into our schedules much less a time-consuming hobby like quilting!

But I can’t help it! I LOVE to quilt. I LOVE to sew! And I really love making things for my family. Seeing them snuggled up on the couch with one of my quilts brings me so much joy!

I’ve learned that doing things for myself makes me a better mom and a better wife, but doing those things for myself doesn’t have to come at the cost of not being able to care for my family.

It is totally possible!

And I think its really a necessary part of life to try and figure out how to squeeze it in.

“BUT HOW?” you ask…

I get it, we all want to quick fix answer. I’ve never been one to hold back secrets that can help others!

Over the past several years I have developed little tricks and figured out how to squeeze in bits of time to do the things I love. Quilting being one of them! And I’m going to share them with you today!

I’ve created a FREE download e-book that explains my whole philosophy on the idea and how to implement it into your own life. Don’t worry it is short! and you can start working through it TODAY!

I’m also really excited to announce that I’m releasing 5 new patterns in my shop today that are made for YOU!

Yes, YOU – The busy girl who desires to create beautiful quilts that look complicated but are actually achievable in the midst of our busy lives!

Yes! You can totally do this! 🙂 Click on over and check them out! The feedback that I’ve had from my pattern testers is amazing. I can’t wait to see what you create with these patterns!

Think you're too busy to quilt? - I can show you how to make it work without giving up precious time with you family! FREE download with instant tips for success!

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