Hello, my sewing friends! I’m going to share with you today this DIY binding hack that I touched on in my previous post, but I’m going to go into a little more detail today. I guarantee you have everything you need for this easy hack in your house, right now.

So I recently attached the binding to one of my favorite quilts. It is rather large, but not ginormous. I call it a double throw quilt size.

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It is just big enough for my husband and me to share on the couch, and no one has to worry about getting the short end of the blanket. No World War III is happening over people who tend to hog the blanket. (I’m guilty. I like to be cozy)

So generally with more extended bindings, I just put up with the long tangle of binding that usually weaves its way between my legs and around my feet on the floor while I’m attaching it. It’s only for a short period of time and only on a few occasions has it somehow tied itself into a knot. (um how does it do that?)

It is totally doable for short periods of time, but with as much binding as I was working with… there had to be another way.

I first turned to my two favorite shopping loves. Amazon And Pinterest. There are products out there that I will be happy to share thoughts on in just a bit… but I needed something now. (Impatient DIYer – The story of my life)

So I wound my fabric up nice and neat, like so:

My husband has a bit of a Macgyver gene in him. He rocks. So we invented a quick DIY to take out the mess of long bindings.

The DIY Version

I found my trusty Screw Driver… Can you see? It’s pink! 🙂 — You could also use a dowel or a pencil or a thread stand. Anything that will fit up the center of the binding roll.

I tucked the screwdriver into a drawer next to where I sew and made sure the binding wasn’t going to get caught up on anything.

These stacking basket drawers are from Ikea, in case you were wondering. The desktop is the Linmon Line. Simple, easy to clean and a great versatile storage system!

This drawer system sits only about 2 feet from my sewing machine.

Next, I just brought the binding tail up to my quilt and marveled in the non-tangling way that is simply unwound itself while I was sewing.

No more spaghetti noodles of binding on the floor! Happy Sewing Mamma, right here!

You could also find a way to attach it somewhere on your sewing table or on top of your sewing machine. The drawer just seemed convenient for me at the time. It does its job.

Products that are not DIY

If you prefer to have little trinkets and fun sewing notions… these little babies are a precious addition to your sewing room!

Just look at how adorable these are! Introduced not too long ago, these little babies have taken the quilt market by storm! I mean, how can anyone resist such a cute little helper in the sewing room?

Medium-sized Binding Babies. You can also order customized Binding Babies or Buddies (the male version), choosing different hairstyles, clothing, and skin color.
Photos courtesy of Doohikey Designs

Same idea, just way cuter than my screw driver! 🙂

This super easy DIY has saved my binding tangles as I sew. It's such a simple thing to do. I can't believe I haven't thought to do it before!

What is your favorite hack in the sewing room where you totally had a moment of genius and had a DIY moment of inspiration?

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