How do you find the best pins for quilters?
There’s like a jillion different kind of pins at the craft store. There are cheap pins and expensive ones. There are ones that are long, short, silver, gold, some are glass, some are butterflies. AH!

Does it all just come down picking your favorite color? Or is there a method to the madness?

Short answer? You CAN pick your favorite color. And yes, there is a bit of method to the madness.

Let’s get started.

This post will cover the which pins are best for quilting (and when is it ok to buy pins just because you like the pink ones).

For Quilting, you’ll want to look for long and strong pins. The shorter ones will not go through as many layers of the quilt without damaging them. And the flimsy or easy bend ones? Don’t even bother. You’ll just end up stabbing yourself more than you need to. Side note: If you can create a whole quilt without pricking yourself once, I’ll give you a medal. 

It’s also important for them to be brightly colored. You will want them to be easily seen on your fabrics/project as well as your floor (Do I need to explain this one? I think not. ouch.)

I use these pins all.the.time. BRIGHT YELLOW is super easy to see. They are made by dritz and they are long enough to go through layers of fabric + quilt batting without bunching of the fabric. I never have to worry that it is going to accidentally slip out either. My carpet is a beige color so these yellow pin heads stand out against the dull color easily!

You can see the difference in the pin lengths below:

When I’m pinning to my inspiration board or I need one that I can easily grab, I switch to my pretty ones (like the butterfly ones above).

Pictured below is my absolute favorite because of the way the end curves up. It makes it easy to grab and the colorful tips are easy to spot on your projects. And just look at that magenta! Ah, I love it! (you can snag your own colorful leaf pins here)

If you’re going to be quilting, you need the longer quilting pins. From there you are free to decide what color and style and how fancy you want to be. For just regular sewing, you are free to use your standard pins. Do you have a favorite style pin? Give me your oPINion in the comments – get it? 🙂 haha… ok ok. I tried.

Bonus Project idea

And if you’re looking for a fun way to store all your pretty pins, check out my free tutorial: The Less than 5-minute pincushion! It’s super cute. You’re going to love it!

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