Whether you’re looking to sell your quilts or you’re just curious how much your skills are worth… I’m sure you have at one point or another asked yourself…”How much is my quilt worth?”

Sometimes you can’t put a price on your creativity because the feeling of joy you get from it is priceless, but there are other times that you absolutely can put a price on your talents…

I get this question from well-meaning friends and family all the time… “How much would it cost for you to make me… Insert some vague idea of a quilt plan here….”

Maybe you’ve come across this question too? You don’t want to shoot too high and scare off the curious admirer of your great talents, but you also don’t want to lowball yourself or your time involved in making a quilt.

Let’s be honest here that quilting is NOT a cheap hobby, right? There is the cost of the fabric, the time spent planning and coordinating fabrics, time and tools spent cutting, piecing and ripping and piecing again. Then, there is the cost of the batting, the backing and the time spent quilting or hiring a long armer to quilt it for you, finish up with the binding and my my my… you truly have a one of a kind work of heART!

There have been a few quilts that I have spent more time working on over a period of about a week than I did some of my close family members. Ouch, right?

But you can’t exactly charge 5 million dollars for a quilt… can you?

So how DO you put a price on your lovely creation?

The simple answer is that it is not so simple. There is a LOT that factors into the pricing of a quilt, including the level and details of the quilt.

Today is your lucky day!

I have created a FREE worksheet download to help you judge just how much your quilt is worth, taking into account, time, fabric costs, details etc.

So next time someone asks you “what would you charge for….?” You’ll be ready and have a fair number in mind and be able to answer the looming question, “How Much Is My Quilt Worth?”

Why Should I Share This Information?

You may also choose to include this form with your quilt when you gift it… not to rub their nose in all you have spent creating it… though you’re free to do so if you choose… but so that the quilt giftee has a better understanding of the valuable gift they have lovingly received from you.

Hopefully, they will be encouraged to take care of your lovely quilt, cherish it and will not turn it into a dog bed (that absolutely happened to me, I swear).

The end goal is to educate yourself and the rest of the world what a valuable talent you have. After all, when you can buy a $17 throw from Target… it is hard to imagine the cost of a custom throw sized quilt being easily over $400!

It is a fair assumption that I have absolutely no idea how to calculate the speed of a flying rocket in outer space…. but NASA does.

You can’t blame the people who just don’t understand the ins and outs of the quilting world… but you can teach those that are curious!

Disclaimer: If you are looking to have a quilt appraised for insurance purposes or you have an antique quilt with a special history, I suggest finding a certified quilt appraiser to help you out. They are trained magnificently in what they do and can give you exact worth values and replacement values. My Quilt Worth form is for informational purposes only.

FREE Download Worksheet to calculate just how much your quilt is worth so next time you get the question... "How much would you charge for..." you'll know exactly what your time and resources are worth!

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Make sure you also have this other download from me! It is PERFECT to give with each and every single quilt you make! Your giftee will have all the tools they need to know how to take care of their beloved treasure and make it last for years and years to come!!

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