Heres the thing… sometimes it isn’t all sunshine and roses in my sewing room! Sometimes its a messy fight to the end with the seam ripper… and “UGH! WHY CAN’T THIS JUST WORK?!” Today I’m going to share with you what to do when your WIP quilt will not cooperate with you.

Heads up, WIP = Work in progress. To understand more quilting terminology, check out this post. Unlocking the quilter’s code. I also have a video!

So, THOSE days… THAT particular quilt… or sewing project, bag or WHATEVER the darn thing is. Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you’re trying… it feels like it just isn’t meant to be!

You know what I mean… right?

It could be that no matter how many times you rip and re-sew, it is still wrong!

Or it could just be that you’ve just lost interest in the project and it still sits in the corner of your sewing room… mocking you.

If you have come here and you’re looking for someone to pat you on the back or give you a hug and tell you it is ok, I can do that…

*hugs* I get it, sister.

If that is all you want, you can stop reading here.

Are you still with me? Good.

I’m going to share with you how to get on with your life after one of these projects because one thing is certain… As long as you are sewing and growing, there will be more of these difficult projects in your life.

You have the option of choosing one of 3 different paths to proceed…

What do you do when it feels like all the stars are aligned against you finishing a particular project? When you're so frustrated you could scream? Try these 3 things when your WIP Quilt will not cooperate and see how things change for you :)

You have 3 choices to make when your WIP quilt will not cooperate.

Choice # 1) Completely abandon the project

That’s right. I said it. Hear me out first, ok?

This is a totally viable option. I know that you have invested money and time into your quilt. It hurts to just throw it all away! — But so does spending hours upon hours being frustrated and not getting anywhere…

I’m simply giving you permission to really look at your time and how you’re spending it. Give yourself GRACE and decide what is adding or taking away value to the end of your day.

You don’t have to throw it in the garbage. You can totally put it in a box on the back shelf of the closet where it is out of sign and isn’t giving you grief or stress. It is ok to kiss it goodbye… even if it is just temporary.

Save it for another day and move on to something you really do enjoy!

Choice #2) Alter your project or plan

You are an artist! Sometimes an artist paints by number and uses rigid guidelines to create, but oftentimes the best masterpieces are created when they fudge the lines and color outside just a bit, right?

It is what makes each quilt unique! Even when we all sew the same pattern, each quilt has its own personality!

Maybe the blocks that you’ve sewn for a giant quilt end up becoming a handbag? or a wall hanging? Maybe you decide not to make a king-size quilt and just go with a double?

Or maybe instead of sewing 9,000 blocks (obviously I’m exaggerating here but sometimes it feels that way), you sew 12 of them and put a few simpler borders in between to take up the remaining space.

Figure out what you can live with, get it done!

Then, move on sister!

Choice #3) You Press on!

(pun totally intended above!)

I have these days too when my WIP quilt will not cooperate and I decide that it just simply is not going to beat me.

I rule this sewing room… I’m the queen and a big bunch of fabric will not defy my rulings! (maybe I do spend too many late nights in my sewing room with a glass of wine?)

You are tough too. I can feel it deep down inside. You really want this quilt/project to be made…

Here are a few tips to help you keep pressing on…

-Look up YouTube videos — See if someone has made a youtube video on the specific pattern you’re working on or a skill that you find challenging.

-Take a break and work on a smaller project for a little bit. Don’t abandon it unless you want to… but work on something that reminds you why you love sewing in the first place and that doesn’t cause you to mutter curse words at stray pieces of string. 🙂

-Drink some tea (or coffee or wine… I won’t judge) put on your favorite song and just do it. Sew through the hard and confusing steps. use scrap fabric while you’re figuring it out and save the good fabric for when you’ve got it down.

Take a deep breath and vow to be victorious. You got this. I believe in you!

However you decide to handle that really hard moment when a WIP quilt will not cooperate… know that you are not alone.

We’ve all had moments where we feel like this…

FYI – This pic was taken after 1.5 hours of quilting just FINE and no problems… nothing changes and then THIS disaster takes place on the back side of my quilt! Why? I don’t know. Just because……

How do you usually choose to handle the really hard and difficult projects? Tell me in the comments below? I would love to know!

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