Let’s get one thing straight… I’m the mom who will spend 2 hours at target because we needed toothpaste and somehow come home WITHOUT the toothpaste!

It is kind of a curse, but also kind of a whole lot of fun, because you never know if I’ll actually remember what I needed to go shopping for.

Amazon is a great BFF. I don’t know where I would be without it… (Probably having to make an emergency trip to the drug store because we still don’t have toothpaste!) Amazon Prime and me, we were made for each other.

It has also opened up a whole new world of Quilting tools that I would have never even noticed before in the isles of my regular craft store.

Here is a list of 30 tools I purchased from Amazon that I would absolutely buy again 100X over (because I love them that much!)

Quilting Rulers

I wrote a post on the Essential quilting rulers and which rulers you should buy. You can’t ever have enough of them! I can’t tell you how handy it is to have the one tool that is absolutely made for EXACTLY what you want to do!

At the very minimum, you should own:
6″ x 12″
6″ x 24″
And this bargain set of square rulers is really great too!

Non-slip Ruler Grips

Sometimes its the tiny things in life that make a huge impact. These are little circles of sticky sandpaper that keep your ruler from sliding around on your fabric and make things just that liiiiitle bit easier. For less than $6, you can own 30 Non-slip Ruler Grips!

The Iron You really shouldn’t be without

You know how I feel about this iron. I’ve mentioned it many times before. I’ve had mine for over 4 years now and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down! I use it ALL the time! It is simply the best little iron out there in my opinion!

Wool Ironing Mat

I recently discovered these and I really love the little plush extra-ness of having a wool ironing mat! This one is less than $25 and is a hefty 14″ x 14″!

FMQ Sewing Foot – (Free Motion Quilting)

If you’re even thinking about trying FMQ (free motion quilting) you need to get your sewing foot from Amazon. They have the best prices that I’ve been able to find. Try starting out with this one here for less than $6!

More light, I say!

I talked about this desktop light in the tour of my sewing room. I use it all the time and I love how bright the light is as well as the fact that the brightness is adjustable. It is absolutely worth the $30 bucks I paid for it for a quality long-lasting light.

If you prefer light directly on your sewing machine… I recommend this LED light strip. It is a bargain price and has tons of good reviews that speak for it as well. It fits all sewing machines! Cut it to the size you need.

A Porcupine Sewing Caddy

Just look at this little guy. A total impulse buy?… maybe, but you’ll never be sorry you bought him! Check out all the fun little ways he can help you out!

There is also a Ladybug version!

Pins that are easier to grab on to

I love these pins because the heads are 1) easy to see on my fabrics and 2) easy to grab onto/work with. I just love them for their sheer functionality.

A Magic Wand

Yep. If you have a floor, and you use pins while you’re sewing, you need this magic wand. Maybe it’s more about the magnet inside it than anything else, but just a wave over your flooring and you won’t have to worry about finding that stray pin with your foot later! … ta-da!

Or this one actually looks like a magic wand… 🙂
And this one has a light on the end of it if you need to be extra…extra?

A Light Tracing Tablet

I really love to use this light table when I am paper piecing. My kids use this tablet for tracing over their favorite dragon characters out of storybooks… whichever you choose to use it for, it has held up really well over the few years that we’ve had it for the price!

Prewound Bobbin Thread

I prefer the even tension of a pre-wound bobbin if I’m just doing regular piecing or sewing. It just leaves one less thing to be an error on my part if something goes wrong.

If I am quilting on my machine or doing decorative stitching with a colored thread, I will wind my own bobbins.

You can buy them in any number, I like to have black and white on hand.

Sewing Organizers

I feel like my life is a little more put together when I have a good organizer on top of my workspace… even if I know its only an illusion of having it all together 😉

Random Button Collections

It is wonderful if you can collect cute boons as you come across them. I love to use buttons on my quilts! I have used them to just bring a little 3D element… and I have used them to cover up some mistakes! The quilt admirer will never know.

I really like these buttons because they bring a lot of personality to whatever you sew them on.

A really good pair of sharp embroidery scissors

And these ones are Raaaaaaainbow colored!

Speaking of scissors… I really like this pair when I’m having a sewing session where I’m up and down and all over the craft room. They have a necklace and a nice little spot to keep your scissors close by you so you don’t have to keep looking for them!

Thread Cutter

If your machine does not have a mounted thread cutter… you NEED this, like yesterday. It increases your productivity like 1,000x (don’t quote me on that, I completely made it up, but I’m sure it is somewhere close to that.)

There is also a ring version that is perfect for when you’re doing some hand sewing or on the go. I have been known to feel so comfortable wearing mine that I had a stranger at the grocery store ask me where I got such a “bold artsy jewelry piece”…..

For Marking Quilting Lines

This Hera marker is one of my new favorite tools to have on hand. Someday I’ll get around to doing a whole post about how much I love this thing for quilting but until then… I will link to Suzy’s blog about the Hera Marker because she is really the one who sold me on it, to begin with!

Click here to read all about why you should love this tool too!

Extras to have on hand

Do you want to know a good way to ruin an afternoon of sewing? Try breaking your needle and realizing you don’t have any extras on hand… ugh. The tragedy!

Here are a few other things you should always have a few extra of on hand:

Universal Sewing Needles
Rotary Replacement Blades (45 is the most common size)
White Sewing Thread
This Eat, Sleep, Quilt, Repeat T-shirt
Lumbar Pillow for those long hours of sewing
Spool Huggers keep your thread from becoming a big mess

If you made it all the way down to the bottom of this list…

Thank you! 🙂 I hope you find some treasures on Amazon too and enjoy your shopping extravaganza for notions and fun new things to add to your sewing space!

If you are not a member of the Amazon Prime Club, you can do a 30 Day Free trial with no risk!

Please let me know in the comments if you found anything in the list above that was just too aming not to pass up… and also if you have your own amazon listing to add to my list! I’m always up for testing out more tools!

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