Are you feeling like me this week? Looking around for some free weekend quilt patterns to sew away the stress?

It’s been one of those weeks! Whew! I never could get caught up enough with normal chores to get to where I thought I could sit and relax (I should know better by now, right?) … unless you count going to the fabric store and shopping with your BFF for like 2.5 hours – wait for it – without the kids. (*OMG, we totally did and it was absolute bliss*)

But now I’m dying to create something with all the lovely new fabrics and like… I need something quick that I can create so I don’t have this lonely project staring at me all week until I find another moment to work on it. I need something I can work on, make it look fantastic and it won’t take me all month.

Do you know that feeling?

So I hopped on Pinterest. And like 45 minutes later (with a few distractions) I had it narrowed down to 5 of my favorite quick quilt patterns. Yep, 5. It was a hard search.

The quilt pattern had to be:

-From a designer I know. (I can’t bother trusting someone new to walk me through all the steps when I’m short on time!)
-Quick and easy pattern
-Big bold pieces of fabric

So, I thought I would share my findings with you! Maybe you won’t have to spend time looking all over the interwebs for a free fun pattern and you’ll get to sewing quicker!

These are from some of my favorite bloggers so you won’t be disappointed! Happy Sewing!


1. Giant Vintage Star Quilt Tutorial

(You know I’m going to start with a star!) I wish I had more pictures of the quilts that I have made using this pattern from Jen over at In color order. She is such a doll! If you can’t bring yourself to cut up some of your favorite fabric for fear of losing some of the beauty to the scrap pile? Say no more! This makes such a great quilt with large pieces. It has a classic quilted by your great-grand-momma feel to it, but can be updated with a few modern fabrics.

Click here to see the pattern and amazing tutorial.

(Photo Credit In color order)

2. Easy Patchwork Quilt

Not thinking you’re ready for triangles yet? Look at this cute baby quilt! I like to think of baby quilts as “bite-sized quilts”. It is the best starter size that won’t take you forever to finish.

Sewfreshquilts has a really good step by step tutorial that makes this little quilt a walk in the park!

Get the pattern here.


(Image Credit Sewfreshquilts)

3. Simple Stripes Quilt Tutorial

Do you ever read a blog online and you just know that you and that girl could be total BFFs? I’ve been a fan of Amy at Diary of a quilter for a long time. I adore her blog and her designs. Talk about pretty! oh, my goodness… You’ll have a special little quilt put together in no time following this tutorial!

You can view this pattern here.

(Photo Credit Diary of a Quilter)

4. Pixelated Heart Quilt

Told you I was a fan of Amy over at Diary of a Quilter! Here is another super sweet design that the majority of hands-on time is just placement of fabric squares! This is a great scrap buster project too. With this heart design as a starter point, feel free to adjust the square sizes to suit your needs and overall quilt size!

Read all about it from Amy here.




(Photo Credit Diary of a Quilter)

5. Huge Flying Geese- Layer Cakes Quilt


This beautiful quilt comes together quickly and beautifully. Do the triangles scare you? Well, stop it. You can do this. The tutorial is super informative and will hold your hand the entire time! Once I finally got over my nervousness about triangles I realized it wasn’t that big of a deal! You can take the plunge too!

Isn’t it lovely? The pieces are large and you can quickly gain size without having to fuss with teensy little pieces.

Click here to visit the site and get this FREE tutorial over at reannalilydesigns.

(Photo Credit Reannalilydesigns)

To make things even faster, you can use pre-cut fabric. If you are new to quilting and want a bit more of a puzzle piece and create method, pre-cuts will be your friend.

Fat Quarters– Taken from one yard of fabric, cut in half lengthwise, and then in half width-wise. Approximately 18″ x 22″.
Fat Eighth– Measure 9″ x 21″, rather than the typical one-eighth yard cut of 4.5″ x 42″.
10″ Stacker– 10″ squares that are pre-cut by the manufacturer
5″ Stacker– 5″ squares that are pre-cut by the manufacturer
Fabric Roll or Jelly Roll– A whole collection of fabric strips that measure 2½” x 44″.


OK, I can’t just give you free quilt patterns without shining a little light on one of my own patterns, can I? We all know the answer is ‘no’ obviously 🙂 Windy Days Quilt Pattern -This is a fun and easy quilt for all skill levels. Enjoy!

Windy Days Free Quilt Pattern


I hope you’re reaching the end of this blog and feeling inspired to tear through all your lovely fabrics!

If you’re on a deadline for a quilt gift (we’ve all been there!) I hope you are inspired to create one of these! If you do, let me know down in the comments. I would love to hear what you’re up to!

Enjoy your quilting this weekend!

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