Hey there! We’re going to talk pincushions today: An essential tool in the sewing space. More importantly, a DIY Giant Pin Cushion!

I have a pin problem. I love them all and it doesn’t matter how many I have, I always seem to run low on the big projects. So then I just NEED to buy more, you know? Tell me you have that problem too so I know I’m not alone. Anyone?

I’ve tried everything under the sun from little magnets and bowls and bulky little tomatoes. They all work wonderfully… but can I be honest here? They aren’t all that pretty. There I said it. I feel a bit vain, but it’s out there now.

It was so easy to make my own… and it is oh-so-pretty! Now you can totally make your own custom pincushion too! Get this… I made it in less than 5 minutes – With things I already had. NO sewing required. And it is HUGE. Like, hold all (or most) of my pins, huge.

5 Minutes? Yeah, and most of that is gathering your pins and putting them on your new cushion. – Bonus, it even has a handle!! This is almost like finding out your favorite dress has pockets!

The (less than) 5 Minute Pincushion

Things you’ll need (and you probably already have)
1 Large scrap of your favorite fabric. A 10-inch square piece of fabric will work
1 Large Mug – I got mine from the dollar store because it was cute, but any mug will do.
A ball of spare stuffing that will fill your mug. You could also use quilt batting or even other scrap fabric you have around.

  1. Place your ball of stuffing in the middle of your square of fabric.
  2. Wrap the fabric around it gathering the edges to one side – think like a  party balloon shape.
  3. Put the material in your mug with the smoothest part of the cotton stuffing ball on the top. All the corners and edges go inside the mug. My mug is clear and you can totally see the stuffed fabric on the sides. There is no science to it or wrong way to go about it. Just cram it in there.
  4. Make sure all raw edges of the fabric are inside of your mug.
  5. Boom. Grab all your favorite pins and go for it!

Enjoy your new pincushion and change the fabric out whenever your heart desires!

Until next time… xoxo

P.S. – What are some of your favorite simple DIY hacks you have made in the sewing room?

Note: If you make your very own giant mug pin-cushion, I would love to see it! Tag me so I can see your beautiful new creation! #iseestarsquilting

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