We all could use more of these fun projects in our arsenal of future projects, right? Like, I know there aren’t already enough hours in the day to finish what I want to sew… but yes, I still need more ideas so I can have options. Options for more quick sewing projects to suit my every mood!

Have you noticed how I’ve really been focusing on using up my scraps lately? I think I’ve been super productive! It has forced me to really look at just how useful even the tiny scraps of fabric can be used over and over in different ways.

Here are 13 Quick Sewing Projects you can add to your collection of Amazing skills!

These Quick Sewing Projects are going to rock your world! There are tons of ideas and ways to use up your scrap fabric as well as give you quick satisfaction and maximum gratification! I LOVE sewing!

Patchwork Coasters

These patchwork coasters from Swoodsonsays are super cute and such a fun scrap fabric buster. She even used an old suede jacket from a thrift store find as the backing! Absolutely genius!

She uses a simple HST (half square triangle) to make these come together really quick. You can use this idea as a starting point and come up with your own block patterns.

These would make precious gift sets for a housewarming present!

Pretty Little Tissue Holder

As a crafty momma who loves all things handmade, I HAD to make up several of these years ago when I first saw them on Pinterest. (follow me!)

They have held up really well and allow me to use my favorite fabrics (or leftover scraps!) and keep them close to me where I see them often.

The Gingerbread House gives a superior tutorial with nice photos so you can know exactly what you should be doing at every single step!

Check out this tutorial here.

Easy Zipper Pouch

This sews up so fast that you can easily make several of them in an afternoon and knock off half of your gift list! I used them for teachers gift at the beginning of the year and filled them with goodies! Check out the tutorial here.

DIY TLC Teacher Kit - This Zipper Box tote comes together in less than an hour! Fill it with goodies and take care of your teachers #teachergift #ZipperBoxtote #easygift

The Pillow Pocket

Seriously such a favorite gift for every single kid that I’ve made one for (and there have been A LOT who have received this gift…)

But don’t count this as just a kids gift! College students and all grownups alike enjoy a comfy pillow that holds all their favorite lazy day essentials!

It comes together fast. Sew Simple Home gives a FREE step by step tutorial on her site. Check it out here.

Taggie Blanket

Don’t act like you haven’t made at LEAST one of these cute little taggie blankets for a baby gift! They’re so quick and much more coveted than anything you can buy in the stores! Just make sure you back-stitch over the ribbon sections to ensure a strong and lasting hold!

Amber Oliver gives an awesome tutorial on just how to make the perfect one! Click here to see her tutorial.

Fancy KeyFobs

I love making these up for graduating high schoolers about to embark on their college years! Check out just how easy and fun these are to make (and use up your scraps too!

DIY Easy Key fob project sews up super fast and is perfect for teens, pre-teens and happy people of all skill levels! These are such a fun DIY gift... AND an amazing scrap stash buster!

Child’s Apron

Emilie over at Finding Zest shares how to quickly pull this super cute apron together! See her tutorial here.

Throw Pillow Covers

Ever just look around at your house and feel… blah? Like you just need a little change? Throw pillow covers are your solution! Change them out seasonally or just because you feel like it 🙂

Jessica Welling Interiors will show you a quick and easy way to DIY your own throw pillow covers. Check out her tutorial here.

Quilted Table Runner

This is another easy way to add a little color and change up your house for the seasons! Check out the tutorial here.

This Quick Quilted Table Runner is something I whipped up for a quick hostess gift, but it has so many endless possibilties I will be making several more for holiday family gatherings. These make great handmade gifts!

Catch-All Fabric Bin

These are an awesome use of fat quarter fabrics! Check out the tutorial here.

This cute fabric bin can be made in an hour and can be used all over the house! No extreme sewing skills required... its so easy!

Fabric Catch-All Fabric Tray

Did someone ask for ANOTHER use for pretty scrap fabrics?!

These fabric trays are a wonderful addition to your home. I like to use them a lot in my sewing room because I’m always needing a way to corral little tiny things I’m working on whether is it little bobbins or a thread catcher etc.

Clover & Violet shares just how easy it is to make your own fabric tray! See the step by step here.

Cute Pencil Pouch

This one is also from Clover & Violet. I love love love how cute this pouch turns out! Check out the tutorial here.

DIY Hair Scrunchie

Yes, these were like… all the rage in the 80’s and as a collective whole, humanity kind of left them there for a while but ponytail headaches are real and cute scrunchies are making a comeback again. (yay girls!)

now you can make your own to coordinate with your favorite outfits and be stylish and handmade wherever you go!

Swoodsonsays has a super easy tutorial for you here.

Vacation Laundry Bag

This has been one of my most popular blog posts… It sews up in less than 15 minutes and you’re ready to set off on a magical vacation! Click here to see the details of how quickly it comes together!

This darling vacation Laundry bag will take no more than 15 minutes of your time and will be a Sanity saver on your trips!

Whew! That should be enough to keep you busy for a little bit!

I hope you enjoyed my list of quick sewing projects! Leave em a comment and let me know which is on the top of your list to try out!

Happy Sewing,! — Christen

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