Quilting retreats are a great way to quilt in a group, learn new quilting techniques, and meet quilters from around the world. In this blog post, I want to provide 8 reasons why quilting retreats are important for any quilter who wants to improve their craft.

I’ve been quilting for a number of years now. What started out as something that I could play with quietly in the hours after my kids went to bed has now morphed into a hobby that I share with the rest of the world and has become my full-time job.

I love quilting and the creative outlet that it has given me.

I have met so many quilters and people who are wildly talented.

It has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone because I always want to see what else is out there and new in the world of quilting: from patterns to fabrics and all the crazy different techniques and tools too.

It definitely isn’t my first instinct to sign up and take a “sewing vacation” with a bunch of people I hardly know – But I can tell you that never once have I ever regretted doing it!

8 Reasons Why You SHOULD Go To A Quilting Retreat

I believe everyone who loves quilting should give it a try at least once… because just once is all it takes… 😉

1. Time away

The first reason is that a quilting or sewing retreat will give you time away from your everyday life so you can focus on quilting without distractions.

Let me make this crystal clear – no laundry piles to cycle through, no cooking, no dishes (except your own, of course), and no work distractions… except for the fabric and projects that you bring with you!

You just have TIME to focus on yourself, your quilting friends, and your fabric/crafty projects!

2. New friendships

The second reason is that it’s an opportunity to make friends with other people who share your passion for quilts!

Do your family and friends wonder why you’re always going to the fabric store when you have so much at home?

The new friends that you’ll meet at a quilting retreat can relate! Chances are that they will not only understand but become your new quilting friends and even send you an email when they see a good sale. 😘🤩 I mean, we all need good friends like that, don’t we?

3. Be surrounded by people who get you!

No one will be able to understand you or your passion for creativity and quilting… except for another quilter!

My guess is that every single one of us gets all geeked out about fabrics and thread colors. We all take moments to pause and ooh and ahh over fancy stitching and perfect binding corners.

I mean, I could be wrong, but so far… I haven’t met a quilter who doesn’t have an absolute obsession with quilting (or if they’re brand new… a budding obsession in the making!)

4. To-do list… check check check!

Another reason to go on a quilting retreat is for the quilting!

If you’ve lacked the time to finish up some wips and ufos (works in progress and unfinished objects) – Bring them with you!

You’ll get to quilt a whole bunch of progress toward projects that have been hanging around unfinished! Then you can take them home with you when your quilting retreat is over.


5. Vacationing is part of your retreat!

Another reason that I love taking quilting vacations or going on quilting retreats, is because it’s just so relaxing! All work and no play makes me feel like a dull girl… which doesn’t sound very good at all 😉

Plus, if you’re anything like me then you know how much stress there can be in life – this isn’t a bad way to escape from everything and just relax a little.

There are times where we need reminders about why it’s important to slow down every now and then. Quilty people often forget because we like to take on the world and then some.

6. You can keep it simple.

It doesn’t have to be a huge event. You can keep it simple. You can also make it wildly crazy and fun too!

Planning a quilt retreat can be as simple as hopping in when someone else is doing the planning!

Or if you’re the one doing the planning, choose to make it as complex or as simple as you would like. As yourself what is going to make you enjoy this time that you’ve set aside?

I’ve been to retreats where we were each paired up with a partner and were responsible for one meal to feed the whole house over the weekend. I’ve been to retreats where you were responsible for your own meals (but sharing snacks was encouraged). Or you can check out the local restaurants after a long day of sewing if you’re in a new town!

This game for instance (it’s a free download!) is an amazing and fun icebreaker to pull out at a quilting retreat or even just your Tuesday night quilt guild meeting!

Never Have I Ever! (Sewing edition) - A super fun game to see just how experienced you are! Great to pull out at meetings or retreat weekends! -- What is your score?

7. You don’t HAVE to travel far

though there are retreat houses that are perfect for quilting retreats!

I’ve also been a part of a small retreat where it was just a big slumber party and we all stayed at a friend’s house!

The point is to keep the focus on having a fun retreat and enjoy the time you’ve set aside to quilt, right?!

8. Perspective and Inspiration

Another reason to plan a quilting retreat is a fresh perspective. I find that I get really inspired by being surrounded by other quilters!

Retreats help quiltmakers get out of their regular sewing space and see different quilters’ points of view.

I find that when attending a retreat, there is so much inspiration around me, which can be hard if you’re just sitting at home working on projects all day long. Plus it helps you keep up with what’s new and trending for quilts and supplies as well as ideas for designs we never would have thought of otherwise.

If you’re feeling like your inspiration is failing you, check out my course on how to pursue your most creative life! Cut to my favorite tips to give quilters to make the most of their time and brain – even when you feel like it is running low!
The main point I want quilters to get from this post is that quilting retreats are a lot more than just quilting and sewing!

They can also be really fun, inspiring, surrounded by talented people who share your interests in quilts!

When you give yourself time to relax and enjoy life, your stress levels decrease, you become more at ease and less harried.

Quilting retreats are a great way to do just that, but with the added bonus of being surrounded by other quilters who share your interests and create amazing relationships while you’re there!

I hope this blog post was helpful for quilt enthusiasts out there on whether or not it’s worth attending a quilts retreat for you!

I’d love to hear any comments from someone who has attended one before as well so feel free to leave them in the comment section below 🙂

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