We all have dreams of a big beautiful sewing room that is stocked with walls of gorgeous fabric and beautiful shiny fancy tools. Oh *big puffy pink heart eyes* all the counter space and shelving of pretty threads! ooh! and big glass french doors to close the mess off from the rest of the house! Yesssssss! Chances are that it won’t happen today… but I do have some simple Ideas that can improve your sewing room to share with you!

A Simple Plan to Improve Your Sewing Room - tips to make a difference today! When you have a space you love your quilting and productivity increases! Read how you can change your soon today!

When you create a space you love, it loves you back by allowing you to create more efficiently and in turn more amazing quilts!

These ideas don’t involve a house remodel or a weekend doing DIY projects pretending to be Johanna Gaines. They also don’t involve a giant budget because well… I’m a mom and honestly, I have never had a big giant budget to work with so, work with what you have, ok?

The key in improving your sewing room is…

1. Clean what you have!

I know, I’m awful, right? That is such a “duh!” thing to say, but when was the last time you REALLY cleaned everything? Do you dream of a spa day? So does your machine!

This super easy tutorial will tell you everything you need to know to give your sewing machine a quick clean and tell yo how often you should clean your sewing machine too! - Hint, you have most everything you need in your bathroom!

You can read this post with step by step instructions to clean your sewing machine here!

Your machines could use a good cleaning but how about everything else? The nitty gritty of whiping everything down and dusting? And a little fabreeze to freshen up the place?

2. Go through your supplies and purge your ‘clutter’

As creatives, we hoard. Go on and admit it… You are not alone.

I define “clutter” here as anything that you have hanging around that doesn’t serve your goals or interests right now.

What do you have in your possession right now that you’ve been holding on to for “someday”?

It is time to get honest with yourself and really decide if “someday” is ever going to really happen! (I know, this is tough love speaking)

Go through these top areas of clutter:
* Tools
* Fabric
* UFOs & WIPs (unfinished objects and work in progress)
* Decorative clutter – Those things that are precious collectibles and things given to us over the years that are so hard to part with!

Make 3 boxes: Donate, trash and sort
Then, get to it. Take no more than 5 seconds to decide on a box to place your items. Clean off an entire area of clutter quickly.

Purge the items you labeled trash and be done with them.

Move the box of donated items to another room. Do it right now. Those items no longer have a place in here. If you leave it by the door, you may be temped to find a place for them again. Take a deep breath and let them go!

3. Clean again!

I mean it. The hidden corners the dark spaces… Really give your space a good wipe down again now that your stuff is moved out of the way.

4. Decide on the storage you need.

[Notice I didn’t put this first – It is important to really see exactly the items that you’re going to be storing before you go out and buy a bunch of random containers!]

This is optional. Some of us quilters are blessed with shelves of storage and have built up our stash of storage containers.

If you’re in need of some ideas… check these posts out!

These easy solutions will have your organized and happy in no time! (and you don't have to spend a lot of time or money!)
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There are also several products on Amazon that I just LOVE having around my sewing room. I’ll link them here for you 🙂

5. My favorite Part – Organize!

Now it is time to add back in the things that really matter to you – the things that truly bring you joy!

Once you have your bins or shelves or totes… whatever it is you decide works best for your space you can organize your items and make it a space you truly LOVE. It makes such a difference to be surrounded by the things you love.

When you improve your sewing room, you will notice a difference in your creativity too!

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What is your favorite part about your sewing room? Tell me down below in the comments! I would love to know!

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