• Shimmer Quilt Pattern Reveal

    Here are the pictures of a quilting project I made using the pattern called "Shimmer". Including photos of fabrics and final products.

    Hey Hey Quilters! I have a quilt reveal to show off today! This Shimmer quilt pattern is so lovely and it is from Cluck Cluck Sew. You can find the pattern here. I (of course) changed it up just a bit by adding some sashing in between the blocks to make the quilt just a […]

  • Quilters say this… and it drives me crazy!

    Quilters say this... and it drives me crazy! This one phrase can drain any and all confidence right out of you!

    Hello, sweet quilter friend! As a quilt blogger and instructor, I love that I get to meet people from all over the world. I get to converse with people of all different skills, backgrounds, and inspirations. BUT I have one thing that drives me absolutely crazy when I meet another quilter… Do you want to […]

  • An Easy & Quick Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

    An Easy Jelly Roll Quilt

    A Quick Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern! This fun and easy quilt top pattern is easily completed in a day and uses a precut Jelly Roll! I’m sharing all my tips and tricks as well as my thought process on quilting… this quilt took me one afternoon from start to finish!

  • The Story Of How I Became A Quilter

    The story and background of how I became a quilter. I'm sharing a little more of what lead up to my job as a quilt blogger!

    I know that in the eyes of the quilting industry, I’ve only been around a hot second or two even though it feels like I’ve been around the block several times! I can’t even imagine a day without some sort of quilting or quilt planning, prepping, sewing etc. It is so interwoven into so many of my […]

  • 5 Ways To Set Up Your Best Creative Life

    Amazing life changes aren’t only allowed to start during the month of January. Your best creative life can start today. I hope you know that. Logically it makes sense, but also we’re kind of conditioned to believe that January is the best “Monday” of the year to start thinking about how to get our stuff […]