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  • A Crafty Christmas Planner (And Free Printable!)

    “Christmas already? Is she crazy?” Let me stop you right there and say that yes. Yes, I am a little crazy, ok? πŸ™‚ But I absolutely have my reasons! Stick with me here. You’ll be glad you did!

    I’m going to show you how 10 minutes of prep-time today will save you long countless nights creating crafty Christmas gifts running on borrowed time!

    Christmas is my FAVORITE TIME of the year and I love love love it! Beautiful twinkling lights, cinnamon cookies, and everything has a bow!… I mean, what’s not to love?

    I really love being able to shower all the people I love with handmade goodies and crafty gifts from the heart.

    But those crafty gifts don’t just pop up overnight! *poof* done!

    I don’t have a team of little elves who stitch up quilts and mend little fabric tears while I sleep each night. (To be honest, some laundry elves would be a whole lot more helpful…)

    Unless you want to spend your Christmas holidays chained to your sewing machine finishing up just one more holiday gift


    Those sweet works of art take TIME, quilter friends!

    And THAT is why I am writing about Christmas when it is still 100+Degrees outside here in Texas.

    I’ve created a few FREE printable sheets for you to download! YAY! This Crafty Christmas Planner is going to calm your overwhelm and help you have a strategic PLAN in place for your holiday gifts.

    Get organized with your crafty gift plans NOW! Christmas isn't a time to stress! This free printable will help you make a plan and have you stress free this holiday season!

    Get Your FREE Crafty Christmas Planner!

      I promise to never spam you. Friends don’t do that to eachother!

      Get organized with your crafty gift plans NOW! Christmas isn't a time to stress! This free printable will help you make a plan and have you stress free this holiday season!

      Why not just ‘wing it’?

      A very good question… As I find that my biggest burst of inspiration comes on deadline day and suddenly I want to sew a quilt for a friend I’m having lunch with in less than 3 hours! I don’t make the rules, it’s just how it happens.

      Those holidays where I don’t plan ahead are just plain crazy town. Seriously, we are joyful, but also just one step away from admittance into the looney house, right?

      In contrast, I find that the holidays where I have prepped ahead of time and don’t try to just wing it… are the most successful holidays where I feel like I really get to enjoy the time with my family. – And that is, of course, my #1 goal. Peace & joy.

      The crafty artist’s dream is being able to give a gift that will be loved and used over and over again. When the person sees it, they’ll be reminded of just how much you love them and cherish their existence in your life. ahhh… it’s the best, right?

      You can tackle the holidays however you choose, but I urge you to try just one holiday season with at least a bit of a rough draft of a plan in your back pocket and see how it goes πŸ™‚

      Use my Crafty Christmas Planner and get a jumpstart on your gift plans for the holiday season this year! πŸ™‚ Then, let me know what you think in the comments won’t you? I love creating and sharing my printables with you, but the more feedback I get, the more tailored I can make them to fit your life and your needs better.

      Get organized with your crafty gift plans NOW! Christmas isn't a time to stress! This free printable will help you make a plan and have you stress free this holiday season!
    • 30 Days To Be a Better Quilter!

      Why wait for years and years to be a better quilter? What if I told you that you can start being a better quilter TODAY!?

      Too often we get super busy with the day to day tasks of life that it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

      Sometimes, we can’t imagine being as good a quilter as (whoever you look up to) so we just kind mentally stay grounded in our current level of quilting and don’t move past it!

      If you never try to be a better quilter, you won’t ever be.

      …And that is just not ok!

      I’m going to take a guess… but you’re over here reading a quilt blog when you could be doing any number of other things in this very moment. So, I think it is safe to say you love quilting -OR- you are just starting out and you WANT to love quilting. Am I right? πŸ™‚

      If you have been looking for how you can jumpstart your quilting progress… no matter what level you’re at, today is your day!

      Ready to be a Better Quilter? Do this 30 Day Challenge - 1 Task a day and you're going to be well on your way to being an amazing quilter!


      I made a 30-day challenge for you! (because I’m obsessed with smaller achievable goals that all work together to CRUSH an even bigger goal! Seriously, ask my husband. I’m a checklist making queen when the going gets tough around here.

      I want you to be that last tiny little snowflake that starts the colossal snowball rolling down the mountainside! There is just no stopping you when you pick a goal and have a solid plan.

      Ready to be a Better Quilter? Do this 30 Day Challenge - 1 Task a day and you're going to be well on your way to being an amazing quilter!

      Ok, so what’s this challenge about?

      Each day there is one small task to complete. I even put little checkboxes on each day so you can visually see your progress! *insert happy heart eyes*

      I’ve really thought this through and come up with the smoothest road possible for you.

      NONE of the day’s tasks is hard or overwhelming… You can totally do this!

      Ready to be a Better Quilter? Do this 30 Day Challenge - 1 Task a day and you're going to be well on your way to being an amazing quilter!

      And the best part?

      Every single item on the list will contribute your end goal… HOW TO BE A BETTER QUILTER! Also, It is FREE! πŸ™‚

      It’s FREE? Awesome! How Do I Get it?

      In the download below, you’ll find two 30 day challenge worksheets. Pick the one that works for you.

      1. For the beginner level quilter who needs to work on foundation skills and building more confidence as a quilter.
      2. For the more advanced or experienced quilter that just needs to get out of a dry spot in quilting and shake things up a bit!

      I’m giving you the map, but you have to take the journey!

      Get Your 30 Day Challenge Guide

        I promise to never spam you! – Friends don’t do that to eachother.

        Give me your thoughts in the comments section below! What do you think holds you back from progressing to the level of quilting that you want to be at?

      • WIP & UFO Sewing Room Challenge

        Hey hey, quilting friend! Raise your hand if you have a few WIPs & UFOs (works in progress and unfinished objects) in your sewing room!

        (Obviously, MOST of us do!)

        Are you seeking motivation to vanquish your WIPs & UFOs from your space?

        Maybe you are wishing for a secret phrase to leap off this page and give you the determination that you need to finish them!

        Perhaps all it really takes is someone to come over and glue your buns to your chair so you don’t have any other choice but to work on them? – (I’m not signing up for that, by the way)

        Last year, I created a challenge for myself because I really needed to finish up a few projects that I was dragging my feet on. You can read about my sewing room challenge here.

        Getting ready for another challenge…

        I have been sorting through my sewing room and I’m noticing that the WIP & UFO pile is much larger than I would like it to be. oops.

        In short, the sewing room challenge was a great success. So, I’m doing it again (yes, again) with a little more organization and I’m totally asking you to join me!

        The plan is to complete one WIP project a month until I no longer have any more projects to work on…. (haha. just kidding, I will always have unfinished projects laying around because when I buy something new, I can’t wait to get started on it!)

        I created several pages so you can choose which layout works best for you! I really think we work better in numbers. And I would love for you to do this challenge with me!

        So… what do you say?

        You can follow my progress by clicking the menu at the top of the page BLOG > MY QUILTS or searching for “SEWING ROOM CHALLENGE.”

        I’ll be posting monthly updates as I finish each project.

        WIP & UFO Sewing Room Challenge! - Find the motivation you've been looking for to finish those projects you have laying around! Use my free printout to organize and measure your progress!
      • FREE Gift Tags (Without the Sass!)

        Hey hey! I have more FREE gift tags to share with you today!

        It is a good day sewing sisters!

        Before you click on over to the download button, allow me to share a little bit about these tags, will you?

        A reader emailed me last week with a really sweet request…

        “Do you have any tags that are totally sweet, without any sarcasm? I made a quilt for my first granddaughter and need a tag saying how much I love her. “

        Isn’t that the sweetest?! How could I say no?

        I love creating new projects and printables for my sweet readers!

        While I didn’t have any non-sassy tags to send to her right away, I made some the first opportunity I had!

        My FREE (Truly Honest) gift tags have been wildly popular on my website since their release.

        Seriously… I’m so glad there are other people out there with a sense of humor like mine!

        If you want to know what a “truly honest” gift tag is… see below!

        These sassy printable gift tags are available for FREE download! Perfect for use on every single gift DIY gift!
        You can download more like these FREE (Truly Honest) Gift tags here

        I figured there might just be a few other sweet people out there in need of a sweet gift tag instead of a sassy one so I’m sharing them with you today as well πŸ™‚

        Note: these tags are in the same format/designs as my sassy tags, I just edited them to be a little extra love. I want to create more tag designs in the future, though so make sure and keep in touch through my email newsletter to get all the details on new freebies!

        Enjoy your Free Gift Tags!

        Looking for the perfect addition to your next DIY gift? These FREE Tags are exactly what you need! 6 Unique Designs - FREE download

        Also… if you’re interested, I’ve also created more gift tags that are a quick download (12 more designs!) available in my shop for just $2!!

        (hey, this momma has to support her coffee needs somehow, right?)

        Add a little spice to your Crafty/DIY gifts this year with this instant download that you can print at home! 12 different designs and a whole lot of Christmas fun! USE CODE: HOLLY FOR 25% off!
      • How Much Is My Quilt Worth?

        Whether you’re looking to sell your quilts or you’re just curious how much your skills are worth… I’m sure you have at one point or another asked yourself…”How much is my quilt worth?”

        Sometimes you can’t put a price on your creativity because the feeling of joy you get from it is priceless, but there are other times that you absolutely can put a price on your talents…

        I get this question from well-meaning friends and family all the time… “How much would it cost for you to make me… Insert some vague idea of a quilt plan here….”

        Maybe you’ve come across this question too? You don’t want to shoot too high and scare off the curious admirer of your great talents, but you also don’t want to lowball yourself or your time involved in making a quilt.

        Let’s be honest here that quilting is NOT a cheap hobby, right? There is the cost of the fabric, the time spent planning and coordinating fabrics, time and tools spent cutting, piecing and ripping and piecing again. Then, there is the cost of the batting, the backing and the time spent quilting or hiring a long armer to quilt it for you, finish up with the binding and my my my… you truly have a one of a kind work of heART!

        There have been a few quilts that I have spent more time working on over a period of about a week than I did some of my close family members. Ouch, right?

        But you can’t exactly charge 5 million dollars for a quilt… can you?

        So how DO you put a price on your lovely creation?

        The simple answer is that it is not so simple. There is a LOT that factors into the pricing of a quilt, including the level and details of the quilt.

        Today is your lucky day!

        I have created a FREE worksheet download to help you judge just how much your quilt is worth, taking into account, time, fabric costs, details etc.

        So next time someone asks you “what would you charge for….?” You’ll be ready and have a fair number in mind and be able to answer the looming question, “How Much Is My Quilt Worth?”

        Why Should I Share This Information?

        You may also choose to include this form with your quilt when you gift it… not to rub their nose in all you have spent creating it… though you’re free to do so if you choose… but so that the quilt giftee has a better understanding of the valuable gift they have lovingly received from you.

        Hopefully, they will be encouraged to take care of your lovely quilt, cherish it and will not turn it into a dog bed (that absolutely happened to me, I swear).

        The end goal is to educate yourself and the rest of the world what a valuable talent you have. After all, when you can buy a $17 throw from Target… it is hard to imagine the cost of a custom throw sized quilt being easily over $400!

        It is a fair assumption that I have absolutely no idea how to calculate the speed of a flying rocket in outer space…. but NASA does.

        You can’t blame the people who just don’t understand the ins and outs of the quilting world… but you can teach those that are curious!

        Disclaimer: If you are looking to have a quilt appraised for insurance purposes or you have an antique quilt with a special history, I suggest finding a certified quilt appraiser to help you out. They are trained magnificently in what they do and can give you exact worth values and replacement values. My Quilt Worth form is for informational purposes only.

        FREE Download Worksheet to calculate just how much your quilt is worth so next time you get the question... "How much would you charge for..." you'll know exactly what your time and resources are worth!

        More FREE Downloads!

        I have a whole host of free information on my site! Check out more here.

        But make sure you grab my most popular FREE download as well…

        Make sure you also have this other download from me! It is PERFECT to give with each and every single quilt you make! Your giftee will have all the tools they need to know how to take care of their beloved treasure and make it last for years and years to come!!

      • De-Stress with Quilt Inspired Adult Coloring Pages

        I’ve been running around here like a mad woman these past few weeks and instead of just falling to the floor and having a good cry (my usual go-to) or eating a whole pint of ice cream while wearing my pajamas and listening to Adele (also valid)… I channeled my craziness into something that has been proven to reduce stress… Adult coloring pages.

        That’s right. You totally read that correctly. Like a grown woman, I got out my markers and pencils and crayons and I sat cross-legged on my floor and I colored.

        I know that my 8-Year-old self would be so proud of me because that is exactly what she thought I would be doing every single night as a grown up. Staying up way past my bedtime and no one telling me to stop coloring. I dreamed big y’all, let me tell ya…

        There is something soothing about filling in the shapes and keeping everything in the lines (or not, if that is your thing…)

        I can make the picture exactly how I want it… and none of the markers tell me “no” and then do whatever they want to do. (unlike a few little people in my life recently….*ahem*)

        I started creating my own coloring book pages based off of inspirations from the fabric in my sewing room and I couldn’t stop! My passion for quilting kept me drawing more and more.

        I loved every single second of it and looked forward to this nightly routine after my kids went to bed. There may have been a little glass of wine too?

        It started out as little doodles here and there on the corners of the papers on my desk. Soon, I had created a collection of 25 adult coloring pages that lived and breathed quilty fabric inspiration! Oh, it was so lovely!

        Coloring is a great way to relax, unwind, and de-stress! Adult coloring pages are super popular! Remember what it's like to be a kid and finish a beautiful picture... and then go hang it up on your own refrigerator because, wow. YOU DID AWESOME on it!

        Seriously, why do we tend to stop coloring whenever we switch to legal pads for our mile-long to-do lists?!

        If you’re curious, yes… I absolutely have my own stash of “mommy’s markers” that my kids are not allowed to color with. I buy them their own separate markers.

        Doodling is fun… Us busy girls need more FUN in our lives to break up all the boring “have to-do’s” every day!

        Studies have shown that just a few minutes of coloring is enough to bring your stress levels down.

        “According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy is a mental health profession in which the process of making and creating artwork is used to “explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.” So basically, it’s similar to good old therapy… Yet art therapy is not only about learning and improving yourself β€” it’s a means of personal expression, too.”

        What you need is a little “me time” to focus your thoughts on something that doesn’t make your stress levels rise. It doesn’t have to take all afternoon…

        Whenever you feel your brain in a fog and can’t seem to focus or you’re too stressed out to eat or take care of yoursef…. block off 10 minutes in your calendar and grab some colors… It could even be colored ink pens on your desk (these are my favorite pens!) Don’t think about anything else during that time. Just color.

        Coloring is a great way to relax, unwind, and de-stress! Adult coloring pages are super popular! Remember what it's like to be a kid and finish a beautiful picture... and then go hang it up on your own refrigerator because, wow. YOU DID AWESOME on it!

        (also, read this post for 5 things busy quilters should focus on) It has some really helpful information to keep your sanity in check too πŸ˜‰

        I promise you’ll thank me for it… even if it takes a little practice on your part to really focus on coloring and not let your other thoughts invade your 10 minutes. Try it out and let me know what you think, won’t you? I would love to hear from you.

        Do you want to know another benefit of Adult Coloring Pages?

        I also didn’t come anywhere close to making the huge giant mess that would potentially cause me even more stress in my life. — Yeah, hi quilting. I Love ya… you know I do! But boy can we make some messes together!

        I’m sharing the pages that I created with you! You can download them in my shop! Click here to see the Quilty Inspired Adult Coloring Pages.

        Coloring is a great way to relax, unwind, and de-stress! Adult coloring pages are super popular! Remember what it's like to be a kid and finish a beautiful picture... and then go hang it up on your own refrigerator because, wow. YOU DID AWESOME on it!
        These are your standard sewing skills that every quilter should know. How many on this list can you say that you know really well? - Personally, I'm going to use this list to practice my skills from!
        Check Out 8 Sewing Skills Every Quilter Should know!