Today, I am going to share with you this Easy Triangle quilt (and a free pattern too!) Do not let the triangles scare you! This is really an easy quilt!

This quilt is one I made for a sweet young girl in my family. The fun colors of Tula Pink’s Fabric and a love of Cats… I knew it would be a winner!

[Quick backtrack in time story] I very vividly remember when I first started quilting, I saw this beautiful triangle quilt and I immediately wanted to make one! (I was – and still am – fearless in the pursuit of learning to make what I love) A friend told me “Triangles are really hard to sew and piece, especially for a beginner.”

*Kill joy*… I know. 

But I believed her and put that in the ‘when I feel like I am an expert’ file.

[Yeah, that was a bunch of bologna] Now I know I will never feel like I am an expert because the world of quilting is so vast and people are coming with new and beautiful things every single day! So like… I will never truly know it all, right? And that is awesome because then it means that I can absolutely quilt and do what I love forever.

And I am shouting today because I want to drown out allllll the other voices that might tell you otherwise…

You CAN totally make a triangle quilt! And you don’t have to sew “Y” seams!

Also… you don’t have to be an expert at quilting!

Whew… there, I said it. And I mean it. If you have any reservations about sewing a triangle quilt, pull up your big girl panties and get ready!

Seriously, with just a tiny bit of practice and maybe a test block or two, this quilt is as easy as simple square piecing!

If you don’t believe me…. Get ready because I would never lie to you 🙂

First, download this FREE pattern that I whipped up. It explains step by step how to piece your blocks and it gives you the pattern pieces to print and cut out as well.

All the tips and how to’s are in the pattern download, but I thought I would give you a few extra tips here so I’m not just turning you over completely on your own.

With this pattern, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the fabric placement unless you want it to be a certain way. I made all the pieces with the kitties in them face the same direction – personal preference.

It did take a little more work in the beginning to make sure that I planned ahead.

You’ll see in the picture above and in the one below that I matched some of my side …. parallelograms (Alright! High school geometry coming back into play!)

You don’t HAVE to do this… there are a thousand different ways you could make this quilt depending on your fabric choices.

The fact that some of my end pieces matched up were very randomly placed with no rhyme or reason. And I really like it like that because as if the idea of triangles wasn’t daunting enough… making sure all your fabric is perfectly placed can be added stress.

I encourage you to give this one a shot…. JUST DO IT. Mix and match and have fun with it! Show those triangles who is the boss. (hint… it’s YOU!)

Are you going to give this one a shot? Let me know if the comments, won’t you? I would love to hear from you!

Happy Quilting!

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