Fabric storage has always been a big challenge for me. I know that other quilters and crafters struggle with it as well.

I thought I would give you a few suggestions from things I’ve learned over the years through trial and error (and WAY too much money spent on the hopes of simply having MORE organizational products to force myself into being organized – spoiler alert, it didn’t make me more organized at all. It just made my mess a little cuter lol)

Keep reading for my tips, but if you’d like the quick tour of what I am working with right now, check out the video below.

I’ve been working on getting settled and slowly crafting my sewing room into the space that I’ve had in my dreams for years and years.

It will always be a work in progress in some form or another. At this moment, we’ve been here for about 4 months, 2 of which I didn’t do anything to my sewing room because I was working on making the rest of the house livable.

To claim that “I have it perfected” would be a lie lol… but I’ve learned a lot over the years of what works and what just won’t no matter how hard you try or how much money you spend!

Scrap Fabric Storage Ideas

Why oh why is scrap fabric the downfall of so may creatives?!

I want to hold on to every single scrap in the spirit of not being wasteful, but in doing so… I become a hoarder of the tiny-est beautiful fabric pieces.

Currently for my scrap fabric storage needs, I have been really happy with these plastic drawers. They’re really deep and they hold a lot of scrap fabrics!

I have each of the six drawers divided up by color groupings.

These easy solutions will have your organized and happy in no time! (and you don't have to spend a lot of time or money!)
These easy solutions will have your organized and happy in no time! (and you don't have to spend a lot of time or money!)

Project Bins Are Essential

I can’t stress enough how much these have saved my tail as far as organization goes…

When I’m working on big projects that I know are going to take a while, I like to utilize big storage bins.

I keep everything for the project in the bin until the project is complete.

It helps me stay organized by keeping all the pieces together.

It makes clean up a breeze, because all I have to do is shove it into the box. No running all over the place to put things away only to have to drag them out again tomorrow. Fast, easy clean up in a hurry.

If you're looking for Cheap Sewing Room Storage Ideas, you'll find all my favorite picks here so you know what is worth the money and what isn't worth your time

Use Your Space Wisely

Ok so this next picture isn’t the prettiest… I get that.

But its more about using your space wisely so you can easily SEE and get to your tools than it is about making it look pretty for Martha Stewart to drop by unannounced at any given moment, right? … at least, that is how I feel.

I love using the space under my work tables for more storage. These drawer sets are from IKEA, but I’ve seen similar copy-cat setups at target and walmart that you can buy and use your own desktop.

Creativity is best in a room filled with the things that bring you joy! I'm going to give you a tour of my sewing room today and share all my organization tips along the way!

Use Your Tall Wall Space Where You Can For Shelving

If you have vertical space for shelving, make use of it!

We moved! Come tour my New Creative space and see how I arranged all my tools to create the most amazing crafting space!

I like to use these comic book boards to wrap my fabric around and make mini “bolts”. It makes a big difference in how nicely my fabric stands up on the shelves.

[In the picture above, you can see on the second from the top shelf how nice and neat everything looks vs. on the shelf under it the fabric to the left is much more slouchy and tired looking… I ran out of boards! oops.]

You can also just use whatever stiff boards you have on hand. Cardstock is a little too flimsy, in my opinion, but it can work. You can use cardboard, or foam-core board to customize your boards to fit your shelving!

Group Your Fabric By Quilts/Projects, Not By Color or Designer

This is just a suggestion, but one that I’ve found has helped me A TON over the years…

When I go to the fabric store and I pick up extra fabric (because… if you like it and are afraid they won’t have it next time, you do buy it too, right?) or I pick out a few coordinating pieces that would make a cute quilt together, I group them together in my sewing room. It makes it easy for the next time I’m looking for inspiration or I need some quick project ideas, I’m already halfway there!

Let me know in the comments down below where your fabric storage struggles are and what are your biggest pain points in your sewing space!

We moved! Come tour my New Creative space and see how I arranged all my tools to create the most amazing crafting space!

There you have it! I know it sounds rather simple and I feel like a lot of my ideas may be intuative and simple, but you know what?

Fabric storage doesn’t have to complicated!

It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money and it doesn’t have to run your life!

If your organizational issues run a little deeper than your fabric, I have a ebook + workbook that I have created to help you create the sewing and crafting space of your dreams.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ll show you how and walk you through step by step over the course of 25 days 🙂

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