As we close out and get ready to say goodbye to another year, I want to share with you today my end of year ritual that helps me walk into the new year with a plan and a clearer sense of purpose. My Creativity audit time is something that I use to plan for more creativity in the coming months.

This is something that I haven’t shared with you before. There are plenty of things that I shout from the rooftops about tools and gadgets etc.

This is a formula that I’ve developed and fine tuned over the years to get clarity on what really matters in my life so that I can set my goals accordingly.

It isn’t exactly rocket science and there are probably variations of this same line of thought out there on the web somewhere.

If you are wanting to shake off the dust from the past year (month, week, etc… this really doesn’t have hard rules!) I want you to give this a shot and let me know what you think! 🙂

So pull on your comfy pants (oh, you’re already wearing them?! *high five* – me too, to be honest.) Grab the free download sheet below – Just tell me where to send it and I’ll shoot it your way…

Check out the following tips below and watch the video that I created that gives a little more explanation to implement this audit.



A step by step worksheet to decide your goals!

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    2020 has been something else, huh? Maybe the time you spent at home allowed you to be more productive than ever? Maybe you were one of the beautiful people who sewed HUNDREDS of masks for friends and loved ones?

    We got closer to our families and our comunities and yes, it was hard and emotional… but you know what? You’re still here. You’re reading this.

    I am very thankful for you.

    And I am very proud of you.

    We’re going to take the knowledge that we learned last year and keep moving forward with a perspective that we did not have before.

    I developed this ritual of a quiet reflection at the close of every year. I call it my “Creativity Audit”. It isn’t something that I usually share because it isn’t something that anyone else has any say in. It is just for my knowledge and creative growth.

    I also keep it separate from my other life goals that usually deal with finances, business growth, family goals or personal growth.

    This year, my creativity audit looked a little different than it has in the past. In some ways, I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives… and in others, I don’t even understand how the calendar is passed March already? So many of the days and weeks blurred together.

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    Here is how I like to set the mood to plan for more creativity during my audit:

    Of course, the act of sitting down with a chunk of time where I can be without distractions is a good place to be in… but I start to set things up even before I reach that point! Schedule out a time where you can plan for more creativity and really nail down your goals.

    I’ll usually set aside a few hours the day before to really clean up my space. I put everything away and leave a beautiful blank slate that is a reflection of my openness for progress forward and being open to learning new ideas.

    If you want to learn my biggest cleaning hack, click here.

    I love to light candles and cozy up in my favorite sweater and a quilt too! I love to make a warm mug of tea and put on some soft music in the background.

    Choose whatever puts your in a good mood and sets the tone for amazing quality goal setting time with yourself! If you are the type to grab a giant iced coffee and put on really loud dance music… then by all means, go for it!

    Pro tip: If you have young kids around… give your husband a heads up several days in advance that you’d like a few moments to yourself. Leave him in charge of the house and the kids. You can order pizza or something easy to keep everyone fed… then, I suggest you say a quick prayer and lock the door behind you. 😉

    Watch the video that goes with the free printable!

    Once you have yourself set up, go ahead and watch this video. I go into a little more detail about my audit process and why I do it.

    Then… let it all marinate in your brain for a bit. Sometimes, you need a little time to let things settle or think about your goals.

    Image of brown craft paper with text "what is next?" written on it

    Think about it in terms of:

    • What do you want to experience in the next year of your life and what you want to do?
    • What would you love to create and bring to life in the next year?
    • WHY do you want to plan for more creativity? What would it mean for you?
    • How are you going to feel when you see these dreams come to life?

    And then I want to you to start to get excited about the upcoming year!

    Get yourself hyped up and jazzed about all the wonderfulness of it all! Your planning for more creativity is going to explode your world!

    To all my naysayers that will ask “But I don’t have a guarantee that it is going to be the best year ever!”… To you I say, You don’t have any proof that says it isn’t going to be the best year ever either!! 🥳

    This little ritual is a beautiful way to set yourself up for success in the new year!

    As I mentioned before, this is what works for me… please feel free to change things up or alter your own way of doing things. Do what works for you so long as it leads to positive vibes and uber feelings of success coming your way! 😘

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