Perhaps you’ve been in the crafting/sewing industry for a while and you’re looking for some new gadgets to spruce up your creativity… or perhaps you’re just starting out in the sewing/crafting world and you’re in need of some “must-have” items… either way, you’re going to LOVE what I have to share with you today!

I’ve gathered the top 10 things that should be on your crafty girl wish list! – I absolutely LOVE everything on this list – and even added a few remarks on what I’ve got my eyes on to add to my space in the not so distant future!

If you’ve ever sat there like a deer in the headlights when someone asks what you want for your birthday or Christmas etc….. You know how it feels to try to process everything at once, right?

How to say: I would like my own craft store & fabric store, pretty please. Everything in it – all to myself and an extra house to store it all

(By the way, if you can figure out a way to make my dreams come true, I am all ears.)

In an effort to give you the best of the best, I put together a list of the products and tools that I most often find myself giving rave reviews for.

These products have been put to the test in my sewing room and by friends of mine as well… I hope this gives you some really great ideas to add to your wish list!

Note: I also created a video, if you prefer to watch. 👍

10 Things To Add To Your Crafty Girl Wish List!

Top 10 things you should have your crafty girl wish list are absolute must haves for the quilter/sewist! Make sure you don't miss anything!


This is the light that I have loved and used for many years. It has LED lighting but the light is adjustable so you can choose the color and brightness that is most comfortable for you when you’re working.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m doing a late-night sewing session… 110% bright florescent lighting is not my first choice! This light allows you to adjust to a warmer light color or a softer brightness so whatever you’re comfort level is… you can find the lighting to match it!

On the subject of lighting… I am probably one of the last hold outs for buying extra sewing machine lighting. I really can’t tell you why I still haven’t made the jump… other than, there have been other things that seem to take more of a priority when the time comes. 🤷‍♀️ And this little project gets put on the backburner for another day over and over and over again…

I’ve read many blogs and reviews and I think I have it narrowed down to this model that I will be adding to my Christmas list this year!

This model has outstanding reviews and is really affordable. The length looks perfect for my machine as well!

Look for a review post when I finally get this project checked off of my list!


First of all, I am a HUGE cheerleader for Frixion Pens… (if you haven’t already heard me talk about them) I love the way they write. I love the way they mark on fabric and I LOVE the way they completely erase with heat… They’re magic. They erase like the markings on your fabric were never even there to begin with.

No more weird pencil marks or sketchy chalk markings that may or may not be gone when you get around to sewing… these pens leave crisp clean and super clear markings.

I even wrote an entire blog post about these pens…

Oh and I also made a video so you can see them in action:

Please note: I have had some quilter’s who have given me a few warnings when it comes to these pens…

If you live in an area where the temperature dips below freezing point… the frixion pen markings can have a tendency to resurface on your fabric. (obviously not desirable) Heat: erases your markings, cold brings them back.

You can just iron your fabric again, but this is a pain and is worth knowing about going into.

Personally, I live in Texas so… I have never encountered this issue personally. We have very warm weather and even our winters aren’t so bad, plus my quilts are stored inside a temperature controlled environment. — But take note of the information and choose your fabric marking utensils accordingly!


Ironing is a big part of our lives… I usually like to have a few options for ironing. This is my favorite large-size iron and absolutely worth the long term investment.

This tiny ironing board is perfect to keep right next to your sewing machine for a quick seam press as you are sewing. – Especially as you are working with foundation paper piecing projects!

It is so cute and so little! It easily can tuck into a drawer or cabinet when not in use without any fuss.

This tiny iron is another absolute saving grace in my sewing studio because a I don’t often find myself ironing large pieces as much as I do little pieces or small seams.

The weight of a larger iron (not to mention the heat and steam) can be tiring on your wrists after long periods of time.

Tiny in size but powerful in uses and easily near the top of the list as most useful tool in your sewing room. Read more why THIS iron is my favorite...

Just FYI on a few other ironing tips, check out this post:

Do You have to press your seams? ...And other ironing rules answered in this detailed post about ironing! Who has the time? Do you really have to? Or is it just a suggestion?

This useful mat turns any surface, table or spare workspace into a safe place to iron! Besides being really affordable and a good space saver, it also has a safe silicone area to rest your hot iron in-between uses without any worry. um… bonus!

As far as a Crafty Girl Wish List, it doesn’t get more serious than asking for an iron or ironing accessories! lol 😂


I have met so many crafters who are absolute self-proclaimed “borderline hoarders” with their stash (and some of us can be a little delusional about the “borderline” part 🤣 lol)

But the truth is that we love pretty things, don’t we?

I love shopping the notions aisle at the craft show… so many little cute things that can be added to your space and bring you smiles every single time you walk in the room… oh boy!

Check out these Decorative Sewing Pins!

And these beautiful Embroidery Scissors!

Basically, if you are looking for a gift for friend… you can’t go wrong with notions.


No matter how many years you’ve been quilting… your most-used tools are going to need replacing at some point.

If you’ve been quilting for only a short period of time, you’ll still be collecting your essential tool kit.

If you're looking to up your quilting game with some new tools, you're in luck! Don't just go buy what you THINK is going to be useful... read this first so you KNOW from a seasoned quilter what is going to be the best bang for your buck!

You can check out several deals on amazon for ruler starter packs and very specialized rulers as well. Click here to see the most popular and best-rated rulers.


Another one that I hope you’re not sick of me talking about yet haha… but absolutely worth looking into is a wool pressing mat.

These are so worth the investment because they have taken over the sewing industry within the last few years and I’m starting to see them more and more. It is to the point where I am certainly not the only one talking about wool pressing mats anymore!

They come in many different sizes to fit your needs. from smaller 12×12 that fit comfortable next to your sewing machine all the way to larger mats that are better for ironing larger pieces of fabric.

My favorite one on Amazon is this one:


If you’ve been curious or found yourself dabbling in either English Paper Piecing or Foundation Paper Piecing, I’m not going to sugar coat this… this should already be in your sewing room.

Even if you aren’t involved in paper piecing, but you like to alter your quilt patterns, try out different ideas, or even write your own patterns… this should already be in your sewing room!

They are super easy to use, store completely flat in a drawer or cabinet and are world of help!

This is the one I bought and I LOVE! I’ve had it for several years and it has held up like it is brand new with little effort.


This one tends to be a more obscure tool that may not get a TON of usage, but when you do use it… you’ll be so thankful that you do have it!

This helps you when you are working on fabric straps or fabric “tubes”… this tool is your rescue to turn things right side out again!

There are many different versions on Amazon.


There have been many wonderful inventions over the past several years… but the invention of the subscription box is near the top of my list… if anyone is curious.

I absolutely love these things! I have done several reviews on my YouTube channel for quilter/crafty boxes, but I also love to give them as gifts.

Do you know why I love to give them as gifts? Because it is so EASY!

Take a website like Crate Joy, for example…. they have everything categorized, tons of options to choose from and so many different variables to find something absolutely spot-on PERFECT for the person you are shopping for!

I also wrote a blog post with my Top 20 picks for Crafty Subscription boxes if you need a good creative boost or are curious about what is out there.

10. TIME!

If you’re low on funds after the way this year has gone or your family has a limit on out of pocket money spent… you can’t go wrong with some quality time.

In lieu of expensive gifts, often times my sewing friends and I will opt for little trinkets (there is that troll-like sparkly hoarding tendency showing up again!) that make each other smile, hand made gifts, or just an entire day set up on the calendar where we can get together… even just an afternoon of quality time can make a world of a difference! We have blocked off days on the calendar for sewing in the past or made lunch dates followed by a stop at the local quilt shop to pick up a few treasures.

The options for this are kind of endless – but I always walk away completely refreshed and my heart so full of love for the ladies that I am blessed to call my friends and sewing sisters in this world.

Even a cup of coffee to catch-up with a friend or family member is enough of a reset to remind us what really matters during our busiest seasons in life and that is… connection! Being able to connect with your favorite people on this planet and enjoy their company is a priceless gift!

…Plus, if you’re already well into the crafty hoarder category… it will fill your heart up without emptying your wallet or filling up your space anymore! Win-win, right?

OK… so be honest with me… did I miss anything in this Crafty Girl Wish List? Is there anything in your crafty stash that you would be overjoyed to receive as a gift or anything in your collection that you couldn’t live without?

I would love to hear about it in the comments down below! ❤😍

Here are a few more things for you to check out!