I know that in the eyes of the quilting industry, I’ve only been around a hot second or two even though it feels like I’ve been around the block several times!

I can’t even imagine a day without some sort of quilting or quilt planning, prepping, sewing etc. It is so interwoven into so many of my thoughts now

(This post goes into the backstory of my quilt history and how I got to be where I am at today. 🥰)

When I was 8 years old, my mom taught me how to use her sewing machine. I needed an enormous amount of assistance. I designed Barbie clothes that were absolute disasters in the fashion world. Seriously, not a single one was the least bit functional from what I remember, but still I managed to piece little bits of scraps together that made my little girl heart happy!

I barely skated through my home-economics class in middle school. I mean, just barely. I was pretty confident I knew what I was doing but I didn’t do anything the “right way” (a side effect of being self taught?) so my grades were not perfect.

I wasn’t particularly gifted in any areas of sewing or cooking. I just managed not to mess it up too horribly. The things I created weren’t perfect but they made me happy and the process brought me joy.

This trial/error and self education were the foundations of my sewing knowledge and perseverance.

Fast forward a few years: I went to college for Communication Design (aka ‘Marketing Design’ in the shortest possible explanation) thinking that I wanted to channel my creative passions into a money-making career. (The ultimate artist’s dream, right?) I studied the arts in-depth and focused on designing little pieces that brought beauty into the world.

Fast forward another few years: I married my best friend, moved with him across the country several times via the US Navy. I found myself away from my family and the comforts of home.

If you get a chance to say thank you to any of our servicemen and women for the time they have served, please do… but also thank their families for their sacrifices as well. Those few words mean a lot.

One of the good things with moving to so many different homes in such a short amount of time = I got to reinvent myself in each new place. New home, new town, new friends, and new adventures… I threw myself into redecorating our little safe haven of a “home” on a shoestring budget.

DIY was my BFF, ya know?

My daughter was born a premie baby at 29 weeks.

The next few years revolved around this little sweet new bundle of joyful blessings.

We moved back “home” to Texas just before my son was born. Then we moved again to a picturesque house in the perfect little suburb when he was 6 months old.

All in all… in the span of 4 years we lived in 5 different houses. Made countless driving trips across the United States before finally settling in for a good 8 years.


I started teaching myself how to quilt when my kids were itty bitty.

(They’re not so little anymore!)

It wasn’t until my youngest child was about a year old, and my daughter was about 3 that I began to feel the sadness creeping in. I know a lot of young moms go through tough times and I was told it was all very “normal” (whatever that means). 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but all I did each day was repeat what I did the day before. Life was the same thing over and over again. It was all very “Normal”.

The adventurous artist inside me was fading away and what replaced her was cold resentment. (I should clarify that I never resented my children. They bring me so much joy and are what kept me sane. If you are ever trapped in line with us at the check out lane… They love to talk to absolutely anyone and can make you laugh until you cry.)

The sadness that I felt was the exhaustion of having to push away my desire to be my whole true self. I missed being spontaneous and suddenly going on a ransom search for the perfect beach to read a book at or grabbing a cup of tea with a friend.

I also couldn’t just let the spark of an idea carry me through an afternoon of creating anymore.

I couldn’t paint, create or sew because I didn’t have a safe space that my kids couldn’t get into. Ample amounts of time weren’t what I had on hand either. You can’t pull out all your supplies if you only have 1/2 a minute to work before the 10 precious minutes of naptime are over…

Crafting isn’t exactly a kid friendly activity when unsupervised. And my daughter was lightning fast. I mean, in and out of a room with a path of destruction behind her before you could even finish blinking. (come to think of it, she is 12 now and still possesses this talent…)

I did a lot of soul searching and problem-solving. 

The only way I could fathom getting to work on a project was if I involved my kids too. If my daughter thought this was all her idea and she played a big part in it, we would all get what we wanted = Mom’s undivided attention for her and time for me to create something.

I settled on making a toddler sized snuggle quilts so everyone could have their own couch coverup. I took the kids to the fabric store and let them pick out the fabric- whatever they wanted. They got to pick their favorites. (we left with a yard of Cinderella and Batman flannel plus coordinating backing and batting.)

[Not realizing I was making a life altering decision at the time… I of course did not get pictures of the actual quilts… so this will have to do.]

Notice how even the dog is asleep? lol It was a good day.

The quilts I made were so simple, but so loved. It brought my kids joy to have something their very own that they “helped” make… it bought me joy to create something for my children.

I was pretty proud of myself…

While I was sewing, I could feel a tiny ember light. – That creative little artist inside… I just knew she was meant for more… this was just the beginning.

I made quilts for my niece and nephew and then I made another one for a friend… people who could look beyond my glaring errors and flaws haha and then another one. I don’t ever remember saying “I will be a quilter now” – It just kind of happened.

Fast forward to today

I have made countless quilts.

Each one generally more complicated than the last because that’s how my brain works. I really don’t even know where to begin counting. I’ve entered several into shows and my entire passion revolves around quilting. Every single day.

You can click here to see more of my quilts

While my kids are a little older (Years 9.5 & 12 now), my daily to-do list is roughly the same.

I’m still super busy as a wife and mom. Add business owner to the mix because I love to blog and share my tips, tricks & tutorials with you.

As a self taught quilter, I know how frustrating it can be when you feel like you’re standing all by yourself out there without much help or knowledge of where to look for advice when something doesn’t turn out as intended.

You’re not on your own anymore! 😁 You have me! And you’re always welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

I don’t have any resentment anymore…

I’ve fully embraced that I love to empower other women who struggle with the thoughts of being “too busy” or “not good enough” to try something new.

The “little artist” inside me that I referred to… she knows what she is doing and one of these days I’ll learn to listen to her much more quickly.

I know this is what I am meant to be doing in this world. This is my place.

You are never too old, too inexperienced or too busy to create something beautiful every.single.day.

Job: Quilt Blogger

A place where modern moms can go for practical advice on quilting in the midst of their already busy lives. Learn tips and tricks to make beautiful quilts for your loved one and still have the time to love on them!

In 2018, I was very much in love with quilting and I wanted to share more and more the more that I learned. I took a leap of faith and created a blog to share my tips… never having any idea that it would lead me to where I am today.

My job prior to full-time blogger was as a freelance designer. It allowed me to be at home with my kids and set my own hours (sometimes really really weird hours!)

My goal was to really give blogging a shot and give it everything I had for a year… if it wasn’t worth my effort at the end of the year, I could quit.

Lucky for you… I fell even more in love with it and I love to see it grow as I am able to find new ways to help quilters out all over the world.

If there is anything I can ever do for you, please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to help you!

I’ve talked so much today, so I’ll stop now! 😂

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Quilting,


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