Hey there! We know to iron your quilt seams as you sew… It is a really big deal – like, non-negotiable for some people, right?

But what if you’re new to quilting and you’re asking yourself…


Why do I HAVE to iron my seams? – I hate ironing.

DO I HAVE to iron my quilt seams? – I really hate ironing.

What will happen if I don’t? – I really really hate ironing.

I’m here to answer those questions today as well as show you a video at the end that will hopefully further answer your most pressing questions! – (pun, totally intended. I couldn’t resist!)

Do you NEED to Iron your Quilt Seams?

The short answer is that you SHOULD. Yes.

But why do you HAVE to iron your quilt seams?

Because the pattern tells you to.

Just kidding. I wouldn’t expect an answer that simple to be the end of it!

Listen, I hate to iron!

I actually will pick up a super cute shirt in a store and then put it back if the material looks like it’s going to need ironing after every wash. No thank you. I don’t have time for any extra chores in my life. Sorry, cute shirt.

When it comes to quilting (and sewing), however…

I do iron.

I do iron my seams when I sew. (we’ll get to ironing fabric before you start sewing in just a minute. I have advice about that too.)

I like to think of the pattern like a cooking recipe. If you want to make a cake, you have to follow the directions, right?

You can’t add in a little extra flour, skip the eggs, and double the milk… and then expect to get a cake. It doesn’t’ work that way.

Sewing and quilting are a little more forgiving and lenient when it comes to creativity, but you still should take the suggestions of the pattern designer.

I’m sure they aren’t into wasting time any more than you are. So if they make a suggestion, it is best to follow it.

When you do iron your seams…

The biggest difference that you are going to notice is that your quilt top is going to lay flatter.

Why does this matter?

If you’ve ever tried to quilt on a top that has the seams all wonky, you’ll notice the extra bulk in areas of your quilt – especially if you have a quilt where many pieces come together. There is just a lot of fabric in those places and it takes some careful laying down of the seams to minimize the bulky-ness.

We all have little mistakes and places on our quilts that aren’t perfect. No one expects it to be and I think that it’s perfectly normal.

You can say that the mistakes “add character”… (Side note: I had a quilter actually tell me that) but don’t just let it be an excuse for pure laziness. 🙂

You spend so much time, creativity and effort on your quilts… why skip one of the major steps that are going to give your quilt an overall more professional look?

Check out the video below to learn more about ironing your quilt seams and see my tips as well as a few favorite products of mine!