Seam Rippers. Ugh. You know its real when you have to pull it out to correct a seam. But what is the best seam ripper?

Do you have a timeout corner somewhere in your sewing space?

Maybe its known by another name, but you know what I mean… you sewed something wrong, or the bobbin went haywire and you just.can’ right now. It’s usually when I’m in a hurry to finish a quilt and then things go bonkers. Heres a tip: Never let your sewing machine know that you’re in a hurry. Ever. 

We all make mistakes. Sad but true. I usually save my seam ripper sessions for a night in front of the TV on the couch with some tea…. *ahem* ok… so it’s usually wine. My mistakes are usually not a quick and fix so why not make the most of it? And if you’re going to correct your mistakes, why not do it in style? So now I present…

The BEST Seam Rippers

Go ahead, make some mistakes.

I have owned several of these little mistake erasers. I have found some that I hate and a few that I LOVE (as much as you can love a seam ripper?).  I’ve tried so many thinking it would make the process better. When you’re quilting and learning quilting, you’re bound to make mistakes… but buying the wrong seam ripper doesn’t have to be one of them!

Let’s start with the No No Seam rippers, shall we? Honestly, if you find a seam ripper for the bargain price of $1… that is a risk you take. It may work just fine for today but in the end, you get what you pay for. You need the blade to be sharp or it will pull your fabric too. You need the pokey part at the end (is there a more formal name for that part?) to be small and not bulky so you can get in the stitches with as little damage to the rest of your project as possible.

Don’t roll your eyes at me, I’m not saying you have to spend a fortune on the bedazzled one either. Seam rippers are actually among the most affordable tools in your sewing kit. So let’s get started

These are my favorite seam rippers

Dritz 5101 Ergonomic Large Seam Ripper – $6.07

This little purple gem is one of my favorites because the shape is ergonomic and fits well in your hand. You’ll never appreciate an ergonomic seam ripper until you’ve had to rip apart a whole quilt. I speak from a very frustrating ‘learning’ experience. If you’re going to be sitting for a while, this is the route to go. The texture of this one is also non-slip so it stays put in your hands. Bonus!

Mini Seam Fix Seam Ripper $7.49

This one reminds my kids of ice cream, but don’t let it’s bubblegum and rainbows exterior fool you. This seam ripper means business. It has your standard pokey/ripper pieces inside. The rubber pieces on the outside work like the back eraser end of a pencil to grip your stray tiny threads and gently pull them out. It’s total magic. So tiny and so cute!

This gorgeous little bite of terror is something that I’ve wanted to try but just haven’t been able to bring myself to do it (yet). I adore Tula Pink. Everyone I know raves about this seam ripper and how amazing and powerful it feels. Sewing goddess and wielder of the stitches fate. It’s a surgical seam ripper, y’all. A bit scary for the clumsy girl like me. If you’re a seamstress by day and expert surgeon by night, you’ll fall in love with this one! Just be careful, please!

So when you’re browsing the isles of your craft store or going through the pages on Amazon (one of my favorite places to shop for a good deal) remember that your seam ripper and you are one day going to be forced to become BFFs, whether you choose to or not. You might as well pick one that you’re not going to detest later on.

Turn on some late night TV shows that you’ve got stored on your DVR and a glass of tea… oh who are we kidding, grab the wine sweetie. You deserve it. Now, go and you show that quilt who is boss. If you like to save the small talk, you may look into adding this shirt to your wish list. You got this!

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