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Featured Image - What is a mug rug

What is a MugRug? (plus free patterns!)

It is a fairly regular occurrence around my house to see us sitting with a cup of tea and a snack while lazily reading a good book. We’re all bookworms at my house 🙂 My favorite quick quilting project for fellow cozy life enthusiasts and bookworms has got to be

Frixion heat erasable pens - my favorite pens!

The BEST Fabric Marking Pens

The BEST Fabric Marking Pens! Check out this post where I’m giving you a review of my favorite trick in the sewing room currently. Its a review on a fabric writing pen. I’ve included a video and everything for you to truly see how they work!

What does modern quilting mean?

What is Modern Quilting?

This question often comes up in conversation after I tell someone: “I am a modern quilter”… “So um what is ‘modern quilting’?” they ask. “What defines it from just regular quilting?” Is Modern Quilting special? Is it different? This is what we’re going to talk about today! I am a


Things are “Just Peachy” Quilt WIP

I had hoped to show you this fabric weeks ago because the second I saw it released, I ordered it online. Shipping was slightly delayed and all in good timing, it’s finally here for me to show to you. Look at how pretty that colorful fabric is?! Doesn’t it make


Should You Pre-Wash Your Fabrics?

This is one of those questions where you’ll get a different opinion from each quilter you ask: Should you pre-wash your fabrics before you quilt? It could save you a lot of time if you don’t have to wash your fabric but it could cost you more time and frustration

What are the most common quilt sizes? - Check out this handy chart and information on how to create your own quilt sizes!

What are the most common quilt sizes?

We’ve talked a little bit recently about common quilt sizes. The hardest thing to understand is that these guidelines are just that… guidelines. But as a beginner quilter, you have to start somewhere right? Quilts come in all shapes and sizes. There is no “right” or “wrong” quilt size. As


The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Backings

As quilters, we often spend so much time working on the quilt top. Getting the perfect piecing, spending time on the design work and the fabric choosing… There is so much to it! – But what about the back of your quilt? Today I’m going to talk about just that.


Baby Mountains – A Hexagon Quilt!

Hello quilters! Today is a great day ? I finally finished a quilt that has been in the back of my mind for ages… seriously. I wanted to make this hexagon quilt a long time ago but the timing just wasn’t right. I just had to wait for the right

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