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This DIY Pegboard Tutorial has step by step instructions and tips to make your own pegboard for your sewing and crafting tools! This is a super easy project! Anyone can make one!

HOW TO: DIY Pegboard for sewing tool storage

I have wanted to make a DIY Pegboard for sewing tool storage for a really long time. My sewing room in my old house just didn’t really allow for it. But we moved aaaand… I have this empty wall and… It’s so totally going to happen this time! I’m going


NEW Sewing Room Tour! (We moved!)

So it is finally here, photographed and ready for you to see! We moved about 2 months ago and I had to reconfigure my whole sewing room again! Just FYI, Here is my sewing space in our old house. 🙂 [Fair warning, this post has A LOT of photos 🙂

Do you HAVE to iron your quilt seams? How should you do it? I answer these questions and more + PLUS I have a tutorial video to show you how I iron! Don't miss this :)

How to Iron your Quilt Seams

Hey there! We know to iron your quilt seams as you sew… It is a really big deal – like, non-negotiable for some people, right? But what if you’re new to quilting and you’re asking yourself… Why? Why do I HAVE to iron my seams? – I hate ironing. DO


Beginner Quilting 101

Hey! If you are just starting out with quilting and find that you’re overwhelmed with the sheer talent of almost everyone else around you, it is totally ok! I know exactly what you’re going through and I can help you get down some of the basics! Today I’m sharing my


Quilty Things To Make For The Holidays

So the other day… it happened. I heard my first Christmas song on the overhead speakers of the grocery store we were shopping in for 2019. I’m not even going to lie… I got giddy! I love this time of year! Ok yes… November 7th is a little too early


International Quilt Festival 2019 – A Recap Video!

What a fun and amazing weekend I just had in Houston at the International Quilt Festival 2019! If you ever have the opportunity to attend this show… you have to. That’s the rule, ok? I don’t care if you’ve barely picked up a needle and thread or you’ve been sewing

Love Shopping on Amazon? Meeee too! Here are 30 of the greatest quilting tools I've found while shopping on amazon! You can't miss these!

30 Amazing Quilting Tools I Purchased On Amazon!

Let’s get one thing straight… I’m the mom who will spend 2 hours at target because we needed toothpaste and somehow come home WITHOUT the toothpaste! It is kind of a curse, but also kind of a whole lot of fun, because you never know if I’ll actually remember what

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