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An Easy Jelly Roll Quilt

An Easy & Quick Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

A Quick Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern! This fun and easy quilt top pattern is easily completed in a day and uses a precut Jelly Roll! I’m sharing all my tips and tricks as well as my thought process on quilting… this quilt took me one afternoon from start to finish!

The story and background of how I became a quilter. I'm sharing a little more of what lead up to my job as a quilt blogger!

The Story Of How I Became A Quilter

I know that in the eyes of the quilting industry, I’ve only been around a hot second or two even though it feels like I’ve been around the block several times! I can’t even imagine a day without some sort of quilting or quilt planning, prepping, sewing etc. It is so interwoven


5 Ways To Set Up Your Best Creative Life

Amazing life changes aren’t only allowed to start during the month of January. Your best creative life can start today. I hope you know that. Logically it makes sense, but also we’re kind of conditioned to believe that January is the best “Monday” of the year to start thinking about


What Stitch Length Should I Use?

*This post was updated on 1/19/2020* Hey! If you’re looking for answers to what in the world stitch length is and why you need to pay attention to it…. we’re going to get to the bottom of it today! For those of you who want a quick and easy answer,


The best way to hand-tie a quilt! What you need to know.

One of the easiest ways to finish up a quilt – and has a classic “handmade with love” look is to hand-tie your quilt. It’s an old art that sometimes loses its spotlight to the fancy free-motion quilting designs, but hand-tying shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated! Let’s take a look

Image of pins with the post title: 4 ways to tune up your sewing machine

Get Your Sewing Machine Ready for 2021!

Whew! I hope you have been doing a TON of sewing these past few months! I tend to sew heavier in the later months of the year getting things ready for the holidays and finish up the projects I said I would finish by the end of the year (and

One of the quilted fabric Christmas Ornament. super cute and super easy to make

My Crafty Fabric Christmas Ornaments!

This has been such a fun project that I’ve played with the last few weeks, I just had to share it with you! Check out these beautiful fabric Christmas ornament balls that I made! Let me say first of all that this was an EASY project. It looks complicated, but

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