• De-Stress with Quilt Inspired Adult Coloring Pages

    I’ve been running around here like a mad woman these past few weeks and instead of just falling to the floor and having a good cry (my usual go-to) or eating a whole pint of ice cream while wearing my pajamas and listening to Adele (also valid)… I channeled my craziness into something that has […]

  • How much does it cost to get my sewing machine serviced?

    Whether you just purchased a brand new sewing machine or you’ve had yours for a while, eventually the question is bound to come up… “How much does it cost to get my sewing machine serviced?” and “Do I need it? How often should I go?” The recommended answer is that you should take your machine […]

  • Link Party of Quick Sewing Projects!

    We all could use more of these fun projects in our arsenal of future projects, right? Like, I know there aren’t already enough hours in the day to finish what I want to sew… but yes, I still need more ideas so I can have options. Options for more quick sewing projects to suit my […]

  • Every Busy Quilter Should Focus On These 5 Things

    Want to up your quilting game? Focusing on these 5 things is going to make sure that you stay amazing!

    You’re a busy quilter, I’m a busy quilter… How often does this conversation play out between you and um… any other person that crosses your path?? “Hey! How are you?”“Good! But OMG, I’ve been so BUSY!” I don’t see that adjective, “busy” changing anytime soon, do you? I’m also a super busy mom of 2 […]

  • Scrap Fabric Projects: Easy DIY Key fobs

    I shared a fun DIY project last week that was so successful and I had such great feedback that I decided to share another fun and easy DIY project this week again! And this one is a scrap fabric buster! – All those pretty little leftover bits can get repurposed into these lovely little easy […]

  • DIY Fabric Bookmarks – What to do and what NOT to do

    These DIY fabric bookmarks are the cutest! And they were such a fun sew! You could make these for gifts for all ages using scrap fabrics from your stash. It took me less than 5 minutes and I am already sewing 10 more for other kids on our street!

    I made something fun yesterday. *Spoiler alert* It’s not a quilt! (gasp, I know) and I just had to share it with you because it is so simple and so quick that you just HAVE to block off your schedule. There I said it. Forget your adulting responsibilities or whatever you have and make these […]