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  • Sewing Room Challenge!

    Sewing Room Challenge

    Ok, So I’m going to put this out there. I’m absolutely drowning in unfinished quilts. You obviously don’t HAVE to join me… but this is where I am right now and I NEED a sewing room challenge! Do you want details? Keep reading, I would love to have someone else join me on this!

    I’m a bit of a hyper squirrel when it comes to quilting. (that’s actually a really good description if I do say so myself) I love quilts. I love love love quilts. And I love fabric. And I love quilt design too.

    When I find new fabric, I immediately plan a whole quilt around it and I want to buy all the coordinating fabric and my heart takes over and doesn’t listen to my brain screaming that I have like 5 (ok, 8) other quilts at home that are not finished yet… For example, I had to buy a little more of the kona solid white fabric for my #atomicstarquilt on and I don’t know… this panda fabric just begged to be bought and now I am apparently making a panda quilt (eventually).

    Panda Fabric - Sewing Room Challenge

    Note: The top fabric is by Riley Blake Designs and the bottom Fabric is by Katarina Roccella. You can read the Fave Fabric Friday Post that I wrote about Katarina Roccella.

    I know other quilters who have way more unfinished projects than I have at this moment. Have you seen the hashtag #WIP? It’s “work in progress”… so I know if there’s a hashtag for it, it must be a thing other people struggle with too. I just feel that I have reached a point, personally, where I can’t just laugh it off anymore. It’s becoming a real problem.

    When I was first starting out, my patterns were simple and didn’t require a ton of time to finish. Now, I’ve upped my skills to patterns that scare me just a little because I constantly want to grow as a quilter.

    If your dreams don’t scare you just a little bit… you aren’t dreaming big enough! – words to live by.

    Some of the projects I’ve got in my sewing room right now… They totally are a product of me really living that ‘dream big‘ philosophy… and woah, are they’re taking a lot longer than I originally planned.  The hyper squirrel takes over and I blink and then there are more projects around!

    What do I want to do?

    I’m going to do a total project count of finishable projects in my sewing room at this very moment.*

    Then, I’m going to cut off my project list.

    No more new quilts until I’ve finished these.


    I have to get my mean mommy – no dessert – attitude on.

    This is a promise to myself, with you as my witness.

    Quilts are beautiful and useful, but only if you finish them!

    *Not that this changes things but I’d like to be honest: I say “finishable” because I have a few English Paper Piecing projects that are ongoing and are going to be ginormous in size and workload. That was my intention when I started English Paper Piecing – something I can take with me and continue for a long long time.

    Ok…… drumroll…

    Right now, I have 3 quilt tops that are started. I have 4 others that are just stacks of fabric that are planned quilts, but not yet cut.

    If you’ve been reading with me for a while, you know I’m not just floating around sipping on tea and quilting all day long. I’m a super busy mom and at times a hot mess of stress. (aren’t we all? …right? Someone please comment and give me a high five?)

    I have 2 kids. I’m a wife, a cook, a maid, chauffeur boo-boo kisser and apparently, I am against sleep of any form too.

    I have enough things on my to-do list without adding any more projects.

    It’s time to finish some and cross off those to-do lists!

    How I’m going to do it?

    Heres my plan… Things with work are incredibly busy right now for me. It’s just insane... (FYI, when I am not quilting, or thinking about quilting, or being a mom… I’m a freelance graphic artist with a long list of job titles that somehow equivalate to something of a miracle worker/people pleaser at the same time) so finding more hours in the day to quilt is just not even on the radar.

    For the month of May & June, I’m going to work on finishing the 3 projects that I have in progress. Finish… yikes. And completely refrain from touching the other 4 that I have a rough plan for but have yet to touch.

    2 months to finish my goal seems a bit long, but these are big projects. Ideally, I would like to finish all the quilt tops in 6 weeks and spend the last 2 weeks quilting.

    Silly me decided that one of my quilts HAS to be hand stitched and now I can’t back out of that deal. It is going to be amazing.

    I have to say just putting this out there has a weight lifted off my shoulders. I have a deadline and a plan.

    Let’s Do This!


    UPDATE: It’s complete! I created a detailed post (with lots of pictures!) alllllll about the Sewing Room Challenge process and see the results.

    You can read that here. Part 2 – The sewing room Challenge Results

    Enough about me… what about you? Do you have unfinished quilts that could use a deadline to get your booty into gear? Even if it is just 1 project hanging over your head, let’s do this together!

    Tell me about your projects in the comments and if you care to join me in this challenge.



  • Quilt Shopping List

    This post contains affiliate links. I would never suggest a product that I didn’t completely love!

    Ultimate Quilt Shopping List

    What do you need for shopping when you’re making a quilt? Some of us can’t just pop over to the quilt shop every single day ( I would be absolutely broke) or if you’re shopping online, you don’t want to forget anything and have to place a second order. Here is a quilt shopping list so you can make sure you buy everything you’ll need the first time.

    If you’re looking for ways to save money on fabric, check out my previous post The Smart Way To Shop For Fabric.

    Quilt Shopping List

      • Quilt pattern – You’re going to need a game plan!
      • Fabric – even if you’re using scraps from your stash, you’ll need to make sure you have coordinating binding & backing fabric. Your backing fabric needs to be at least 3-4 inches larger than your finished quilt size on all sides.
        Your binding fabric needs to be enough to go around all sides of your quilt plus an extra 8 inches for overlap.
      • Quilt batting – I liked to pick up a few of these packages when they were on sale or if I had a coupon for them. A friend and I went in together recently and bought one of the HUGE big rolls from Amazon. It has been one of the best decisions, ever.

    • Thread for piecing and quilting
    • All-purpose thread for piecing and assembly
    • Fabric scissors – Good sharp scissors like these few options are best. I’ve owned every single pair of these scissors. The cheapie ones don’t last as long and lose their sharp-ness but will work for a period of time… and it’s fun to buy brand new scissors!

    • Walking Foot or specialty sewing foot if you are machine quilting (also see Do I really need a walking foot?)
      Pins. So many Pins! Any will do as long as they are sharp but I like the ones I mentioned in this post
    • Seam ripper and needle threader, just in case. Always be prepared, right?


    How much fabric?

    I find the following chart to be helpful when purchasing fabric yardage. Measurements are based on the standard 44-or 45-inch fabric width.Quilting Fabric Yardage Chart

    There you have it! Short and sweet but your quilt shopping list is packed with a lot to do! Enjoy your time shopping and come back over to my blog when you’re ready to make something new!

    FREE Windy Days Quilt Pattern!

    Super fun & easy quilt pattern that looks amazing

  • Quilting Cheat Sheets That Will Save You HOURS!

    It is no secret that sewing language and jargon can be extremely confusing when you first start sewing. Hold onto your hats, girls because I’m about to lay down some super helpful cheat sheets for quilting that is going to de-mystify some of the confusing terms for beginners.

    It is so hard to keep it all straight when you’re first starting out. There are different fabrics, different cuts, and patterns. You’ll find remnants and jelly rolls, layer cakes, and fat quarters etc. I’ll be honest in telling you that in my first year of self-learned quilting techniques I wasn’t sure if we were going to sew or eat!… It’s enough to make your head spin.

    To maybe save someone else the intense amount of confusion that I suffered and make life a little easier, I have put together a few cheat sheets with my favorite and most used quilting information. I know you are going to love it!

    As always, I welcome your comments at the end of this blog with any questions that you might have. I try to go back and answer each and every person.

    Make sure you PIN these images and charts so you will have access to them when you need them, ok? Enjoy!

    Color Chart

    So many colors! How do you choose?

    First impressions are everything. One of the most important decisions of your quilt is color. Color reflects the mood of your quilt and can invoke emotions, feelings, and even memories. what vibe do you want your quilt to have? Warm and cozy, cool and soothing, bright and happy?

    If you haven’t gone back to the basics of color theory lately… or ever… You’ll find this chart super helpful. (The artist side of me wants to sit down and have a whole lesson on the wonders of the simple color wheel, but I’ll resist… for today) To choose complimentary colors, simply choose colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel and you have a really eye-popping quilt!

    Quilt Color Chart - ISeeStarsQuilting

    10 DifferentWays to Cut a Fat Quarter

    For every day we’re just tired of what we’ve been doing and want to try something new… Just look at your fat quarters a little differently and see if it doesn’t spark a new idea.

    Fabric Yardage Chart

    I can’t even begin to count the times that I’ve been through a fabric store… and when it’s my turn at the cutting counter, I kind of freeze still… “um how much do I want? *panic panic panic* Just a yard, please.” — I swear, every single time. As an artist, math is not my strong suit… but quilting joins both art & math. So now I stick with this little chart and at least pretend like I know what I’m doing 🙂

    Quilting Fabric Yardage Chart

    When I’m not quilting, I am a designer and I love making pretty things! but I just can’t beat the information in this chart by ArtGallery… I love their fabrics, I love their designers… what can I say?


    Art Gallery’s Guide to Pre-cuts

    Art Gallery Quilting Chart Guide to Pre-cuts

    I plan on creating a few other charts to help with quilting as I think of them. I’ll add them to this post. I have a few planned for needles and maybe a few other printables too. Do you have anything you would like in a small pin-able form?

    I hope you enjoy the graphics! Don’t forget to pin them so you’ll be able to come back to them when you’re at your machine!

    –Happy Quilting!


    If you want updates on when I release new projects, join my e-mail list. I would love to have you join our Stars party over here! And just as a thank you, I have a fun free quilt pattern that I will send you.


    FREE Windy Days Quilt Pattern!

    Super fun & easy quilt pattern that looks amazing

  • 5 Ideas for Mug Rug + FREE Patterns

    First things first.

    ‘What is a mug rug’?

    It is a small quilt essentially. An English person might call it a coaster. A typical American sized coaster is just enough room to hold your cup and nothing more. A mug rug is just a little more substantial with enough to keep a drink and a cake or cookies. It can vary in size from 4” x 7” to as large as 12” x 8” which is more like a small placemat.

    I have fallen in love with these little quickie projects! A cup of Tea and room for snacks? I’m in!

    But… As cute as they are, a person really only needs so many, right?

    MugRug Featured Image

    5 Ideas for using Mug Rugs

    1) The most apparent plan for all your mug rugs is that everyone you have ever known is about to get one Christmas/birthday/neighbor gifts… you don’t even need a reason to gift these little beauties. Quilted mug rug patterns will not take you all day to complete. They come together so quickly that you won’t mind making up several at a time. – A super rewarding sewing project!

    Mug Rug

    2) Scraps Scraps Scraps – Can’t bring yourself to throw away that last piece of pretty fabric from another project? (me either, honestly.) Bring out those beautiful scraps! It’s time for them to shine! Mug rugs are perfect scrap busters.


    3) Looking to practice a few new sewing ideas? Try it out on a mug rug first. These are a great way to hone in on and improve your sewing skills.

    Mug Rug

    4) Creativity is your ultimate superpower. There is no specific sizing rule or any mug rug police lurking around… Do what you want with it and adjust where you feel is necessary to really own your rug. If you want permission to go off the paved path and do your own thing… here you go. You have it… now seize it!

    5) Lastly, a fun way to make your mug rugs stretch a little further is to save your practiced mug rug tops and turn them into something fabulous! Join them all together for a more substantial quilt top. Can you imagine the fun eclectic style of all your favorite fabric scraps joined together into one glorious quilt? Oh, the beauty!


    I’m hoping that I’ve convinced you to give this little mug rug thing a try. I’ll admit that I’m a tad bit obsessed and I love to rope people into my obsessions so that you can relish in the excitement as well. I’m so lovely, aren’t I?

    I have actually created my own mug rug pattern but it isn’t quite ready to share just yet. I want to make sure it’s perfect before I bring it to the blog. However, if you took notice in the images above, I did give you a sneak peek. Did you see the purple gemstone? Thats it! I will let you know as soon as I release the pattern… now… on to the FREE patterns!

    I’ve given these patters a perfect look over and made sure they are easy to understand and super easy to sew for all levels of quilters. Enjoy!

    FREE Patterns

    This Ziggy Mug Rug over at Sew Mamma Sew is a super quick and easy one, but the toutorial is really explanitory with images. Everyone likes pictures!

    I can’t say enough nice things about Jeni over at In Color Order! She has such a spunky happy spirit that just inspires me every single blog post. AND she makes such beautiful pieces. If you don’t already follow her, you’re missing out. You can get this pattern here from her website.

    This beautiful ray of sunshine is the pick me up you need in the mornings! Isn’t it so cute? You can find the FREE Pattern here.

    This one may not be for everyone, but I am loving all the projects people are making with the fabric selvege! And, if corners give you fits when working on the binding… yay! this one will make your little sewing heart happy! You can get this pattern here.


    So… Are you ready to sew? 🙂


    If you have a favorite pattern that I’ve missed here or if you’ve created one yourself, let me know in the comments. I would LOVE to feature you so we can all enjoy more tea and cookies.

    Happy Sewing!

  • FREE (Truly Honest) Printable Gift Tags

    I always send two things with my quilt. Small little tokens, if you will.

    1. A handwritten written card with messages of hope for a healing quilt or maybe well wishes for a sweet baby play quilt. Just something personal.
    2. My quilt labels stitched into the binding

    I got my quilt labels on Etsy. They weren’t too expensive, so I bought a bunch of them and never once have I regretted that decision. You can also design and print them yourself if you feel up for a little challenge, but these were way easier at the time.

    Update: Amazon has a lot of really good options too! I will be ordering these just as soon as I finish using my etsy labels!

    The only thing that sometimes bothers me is that one little line across the bottom of my label…


    Hmm… is it though? It has such a sweet ring to it, doesn’t it? …but some of my quilts have been a pain in the patootie and I sure it wasn’t all heart eyes and roses the whole time I was sewing. I remember those nights quite well.

    Sure, each of my precious works of art is made with love…. otherwise, it wouldn’t be made at all. Duh.

    But I’m sincere here… what else are my quilts made of?

    A few curse words? Some blood when I stuck my finger with a straight pin for the 9th time in the last hour? What about a little sass, sarcasm and a ton of me talking out loud? Yes and yes. All of those… And my chosen recipient has not one clue beyond a rainbow-y unicorn “made with love” tagline.

    So that got me wondering… What if I WAS honest on my label? What would it say?

    I put together this set of six “honest” free printable gift tags because I’m a graphic artist/marketing addict by day.

    If you view yourself as a seriously formal, no funny business person, these aren’t for you. Move along. But if you’re real and honest with yourself… I’m sure that you’ll love these little printables to send with your precious gems!

    Enjoy, my sweet friends! You’ll also be added to my e-mail list. I promise I won’t spam you. We’re friends here, and friends don’t do that to each other. You’ll only get one email from me a week (at max). I like to add special goodies in my newsletters and links to tutorials you might have missed.

    If you love them, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear what other projects you use these on!

    Guess what? I created MORE gift tags to tuck in with your handmade creative gifts!

    This little download has been such a fun and popular item…

    If you’re looking to spice up your sewing projects, check out my Favorite FREE quilt pattern.

    Stay Sassy! 🙂

  • Favorite FREE Quilt Pattern

    You know how much I love a great quilt pattern… and bonus points if it is a freebie! This particular quilt that I am sharing with you today is a pattern of my very own and totally my Favorite FREE Quilt Pattern!

    I love my quilting friends and I’m happy to share all my internet hunting finds and any other great quilt bloggers you should be following. **Plus, if you look at the bottom of this post there is a bonus blooper shot of this photo shoot ;)**

    This one was one of the first patterns that I created. I’ve created many more designs since then, but this one is still one of my favorites. It comes together really quickly as well.

    I actually took the time to carefully plan and write down everything instead of just sewing my seams by the seat of my pants and praying it all works out in the end. That was how I used to live my sewing days. Out on the edge. As hardcore as I’m trying to make that sound…. (and I’m a bit ashamed I even attempted to do that in the first place), I was the furthest thing from hardcore. I was silly and I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. I’m so glad I’ve grown up in my quilting skills since then… for both our sakes, honestly.

    This Windy Days quilt pattern is full of possibilities for happy spring colors!… suitable for any color palette, but I created it with spring colors in mind, so let’s go with that today, mmmk?

    That’s the front of the Windy Days Quilt… This quilt is an easy quilt! Do not let all the angles and corners fool you.

    It is totally beginner friendly!

    I wouldn’t lie to you or set you up for something I didn’t think you were totally capable of.

    And then here is the backing! (it’s just a really amazing solid printed piece that I used, I promise… don’t be scared, ok?)

    Beautiful backing choice, don’t you think? – This quilt lives with me in my office. It’s the perfect lap quilt size for when it gets chilly in here.

    So, on to the FREE part!

    I’ll e-mail you the pattern that lays out the foundation and goes over every step how to piece this impressive beauty if you join my e-mail list. *please don’t groan* I swear I hate junk mail just as much as everyone else. I promise I’ll only e-mail you once a week (at max!) and it’ll always be full of fun goodies… no garbage and no gross sales-y tactics. I’m a marketer in my day job. Quilting is fun and in my opinion, has no room for that sneaky product pushing!

    Let’s build a group of wonderful quilters together!

    Side note: I’ve been asked about the fabric choices I used for my quilt. I used a 6″ layer cake by Moda for the bright colored pieces. The backing and the ‘ink splatter’ grey and black fabric on the front are by Art Gallery.

    And a special thank you to my husband who didn’t ask ‘why’ when I told him to ‘go over there and hold my pretty quilt up so I can take a picture’ for the thousandth time. He gets it now and he loves me 🙂 

    The Bonus Blooper Shot

    If you want to see what a blooper shot of a quilt photo shoot looks like…. well here you go. That’s my 6 year old who wanted so desperately for me to take his picture too. I still don’t know why it didn’t make the final cut 😉